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New TCO for use as transparent front contact in chalcopyrite thin film solar cells

Erfurt, Darja (2019)

In this thesis the applicability of high-mobility indium oxide based transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) as front contact in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 (CIGS) solar cells and modules was investigated. The unique trade-off between optical and electrical properties promises improved short circuit current densities compared to conventional CIGS device configurations, in particular in CIGS modules. By dopin...

Crystallisation Phenomena of In2O3:H Films

Muydinov, Ruslan ; Steigert, Alexander ; Wollgarten, Markus ; Michałowski, Paweł Piotr ; Bloeck, Ulrike ; Pflug, Andreas ; Erfurt, Darja ; Klenk, Reiner ; Körner, Stefan ; Lauermann, Iver ; Szyszka, Bernd (2019-01-15)

The crystallisation of sputter-deposited, amorphous In2O3:H films was investigated. The influence of deposition and crystallisation parameters onto crystallinity and electron hall mobility was explored. Significant precipitation of metallic indium was discovered in the crystallised films by electron energy loss spectroscopy. Melting of metallic indium at ~160 °C was suggested to promote primary...

The Influence of ITO Dopant Density on J-V Characteristics of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells: Experiments and Simulations

Kirner, Simon ; Hartig, Manuel ; Mazzarella, Luana ; Korte, Lars ; Frijnts, Tim ; Scherg-Kurmes, Harald ; Ring, Sven ; Stannowski, Bernd ; Rech, Bernd ; Schlatmann, Rutger (2015)

The TCO/a-Si:H(p) contact is a critical part of the silicon heterojunction solar cell. At this point, holes from the emitter have to recombine loss free with electrons from the TCO. Since tunneling is believed to be the dominant transport mechanism, a high dopant density in both adjacent layers is critical. In contrast to this, it has been reported that high TCO dopant density can reduce field ...