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Next Generation Service Delivery Platforms and Service Overlay Networks

Kellerer, Wolfgang ; Magedanz, Thomas (2010)


Next Generation Service Delivery Platforms

Kellerer, Wolfgang ; Magedanz, Thomas (2012)


Optimization of Elastic Cloud Brokerage Mechanisms for Future Telecommunication Service Environments

Campowsky, Konrad ; Carella, Giuseppe ; Magedanz, Thomas ; Schreiner, Florian (2012)

Cloud computing mechanisms and cloud-based services are currently revolutionizing Web as well as telecommunication service platforms and service offerings. Apart from providing infrastructures, platforms and software as a service, mechanism for dynamic allocation of compute and storage resources on-demand, commonly termed as “elastic cloud computing” account for the most important cloud computi...

Prototyping nfv-based multi-access edge computing in 5G ready networks with open baton

Carella, Giuseppe Antonio ; Pauls, Michael ; Magedanz, Thomas ; Cilloni, Marco ; Bellavista, Paolo ; Foschini, Luca (2017)

With the increasing acceptance of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, a radical transformation is currently occurring inside network providers infrastructures. The trend of Software-based networks foreseen with the 5th Generation of Mobile Network (5G) is drastically changing requirements in terms of how networks are deployed and managed. On...

A Framework for Handling Heterogeneous M2M Traffic

Elmangoush, Asma ; Corici, Andreea Ancuta ; Steinke, Ronald ; Corici, Marius ; Magedanz, Thomas (2015)

Sensors, actuators and devices that compose the Internet of Things (IoT) world are becoming more diverse every day in terms of capabilities and amount of generated traffic. Current Machine-to-Machine (M2 M) communication standardization efforts try to formalize the interfaces between M2 M nodes based on the perspective of exchanging uniform small data size with low sampling rate only. However, ...