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Mapping and Integrating Value Creation Factors with Life-cycle Stages for Sustainable Manufacturing

Bilge, Pinar ; Emec, Soner ; Seliger, Günther ; Jawahir, I. S. (2017)

Instead of implementing each element individually, engineers must be aware of multiple interactions among all major value creation factors and their life-cycle stages. Interactions are analyzed by a set of factors and hierarchical levels within a production system based on empirical observations and described in analytical models. Such analyses and missing information about the current conditio...

Information security for industrial applications

Horn, Christian (2019)

The society that we are living in today makes essential demands on the security of supply for people, especially in large urban metropolitan areas. At the same time, attempts are being made to meet these requirements with the help of technological developments, particularly in automation technology. The implementation of information and communication systems for smart control of machines and pl...

Spatial Programming for Industrial Robots through Task Demonstration

Lambrecht, Jens ; Kleinsorge, Martin ; Rosenstrauch, Martin ; Krüger, Jörg (2013)

We present an intuitive system for the programming of industrial robots using markerless gesture recognition and mobile augmented reality in terms of programming by demonstration. The approach covers gesture-based task definition and adaption by human demonstration, as well as task evaluation through augmented reality. A 3D motion tracking system and a handheld device establish the basis for th...

The Working Posture Controller: Automated Adaptation of the Work Piece Pose to Enable a Natural Working Posture

Nguyen, The Duy ; Bloch, Christian ; Krüger, Jörg (2016)

We present a novel approach to prevent awkward working posture by automatically assessing and optimising the work place for a given task. Our system is called the Working Posture Controller (WPC) and enables to accomplish tasks in a natural posture by adapting the pose of work piece to be processed. Unlike other approaches to prevent posture-related Musculo-skeletal Disorders (MSDs), our system...

Adapting Ergonomic Assessments to Social Life Cycle Assessment

Chang, Ya-Ju ; Nguyen, The Duy ; Finkbeiner, Matthias ; Krüger, Jörg (2016)

In Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA), the health and safety aspect of workers is usually evaluated by considering the numbers of injuries and accidents; however, the work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which dominate occupational diseases, are often neglected in SLCA since the effects do not occur immediately. Thus, the MSDs lead to increased working absences and compensation costs...