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Nanomechanical study of polycarbonate/boehmite nanoparticles/epoxy ternary composite and their interphases

Cano Murillo, Natalia ; Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media ; Silbernagl, Dorothee ; Hahn, Marc Benjamin ; Hodoroaba, Vasile‐Dan ; Sturm, Heinz (2020-11-04)

Thermoplastic modified thermosets are of great interest especially due to their improved fracture toughness. Comparable enhancements have been achieved by adding different nanofillers including inorganic particles such as nanosized boehmite. Here, we present a nanomechanical study of two composite systems, the first comprising a polycarbonate (PC) layer in contact with epoxy resin (EP) and the ...

Measurements and simulations of microscopic damage to DNA in water by 30 keV electrons: A general approach applicable to other radiation sources and biological targets

Hahn, Marc Benjamin ; Meyer, Susann ; Kunte, Hans-Jörg ; Solomun, Tihomir ; Sturm, Heinz (2017-05-30)

The determination of the microscopic dose-damage relationship for DNA in an aqueous environment is of a fundamental interest for dosimetry and applications in radiation therapy and protection. We combine geant4 particle-scattering simulations in water with calculations concerning the movement of biomolecules to obtain the energy deposit in the biologically relevant nanoscopic volume. We juxtapo...

Boehmite Nanofillers in Epoxy Oligosiloxane Resins: Influencing the Curing Process by Complex Physical and Chemical Interactions

Topolniak, Ievgeniia ; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan ; Pfeifer, Dietmar ; Braun, Ulrike ; Sturm, Heinz (2019-05-09)

In this work, a novel boehmite (BA)-embedded organic/inorganic nanocomposite coating based on cycloaliphatic epoxy oligosiloxane (CEOS) resin was fabricated applying UV-induced cationic polymerization. The main changes of the material behavior caused by the nanofiller were investigated with regard to its photocuring kinetics, thermal stability, and glass transition. The role of the particle sur...

Short- and Long-Range Mechanical and Chemical Interphases Caused by Interaction of Boehmite (γ-AlOOH) with Anhydride-Cured Epoxy Resins

Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media ; Elert, Anna-Maria ; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan ; Agudo Jácome, Leonardo ; Altmann, Korinna ; Silbernagl, Dorothee ; Sturm, Heinz (2019-06-04)

Understanding the interaction between boehmite and epoxy and the formation of their interphases with different mechanical and chemical structures is crucial to predict and optimize the properties of epoxy-boehmite nanocomposites. Probing the interfacial properties with atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based methods, especially particle-matrix long-range interactions, is challenging. This is due to...

Ectoine protects DNA from damage by ionizing radiation

Schröter, Maria-Astrid ; Meyer, Susann ; Hahn, Marc Benjamin ; Solomun, Tihomir ; Sturm, Heinz ; Kunte, Hans Jörg (2017-11-10)

Ectoine plays an important role in protecting biomolecules and entire cells against environmental stressors such as salinity, freezing, drying and high temperatures. Recent studies revealed that ectoine also provides effective protection for human skin cells from damage caused by UV-A radiation. These protective properties make ectoine a valuable compound and it is applied as an active ingredie...

Direct electron irradiation of DNA in a fully aqueous environment. Damage determination in combination with Monte Carlo simulations

Hahn, Marc Benjamin ; Meyer, Susann ; Schröter, Maria-Astrid ; Seitz, Harald ; Kunte, Hans-Jörg ; Solomun, Tihomir ; Sturm, Heinz (2016)

We report on a study in which plasmid DNA in water was irradiated with 30 keV electrons generated by a scanning electron microscope and passed through a 100 nm thick Si3N4 membrane. The corresponding Monte Carlo simulations suggest that the kinetic energy spectrum of the electrons throughout the water is dominated by low energy electrons (<100 eV). The DNA radiation damage, single-strand breaks...