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Main Title: Multimode optical feedback dynamics of InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers emitting on different lasing states
Author(s): Huang, H.
Arsenijević, D.
Schires, K.
Sadeev, T.
Bimberg, D.
Grillot, F.
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: Quantum dot lasers are envisioned to be the next generation of optical transmitters used for short-reach communication links, owing to their low threshold current and high temperature operation. However, in a context of steady increase in both speed and reach, quantum dot lasers emitting on their upper energy levels have been recently of greater interest as they are touted for their faster modulation dynamics. This work aims at further evaluating the potential impact of such lasers in communication links by characterizing their long-delay optical feedback responses as well as the role of the lasing states on the multimode dynamics of InAs/GaAs quantum-dot Fabry-Perot devices sharing the same design. Results unveil that the excited-state laser shows a much larger sensitivity to optical feedback, with a more complex route to chaos, and a first destabilization point occurring at lower feedback strengths than for a comparable ground-state laser, which remains almost unaffected.
Issue Date: 2016
Date Available: 19-Apr-2018
DDC Class: 530 Physik
Subject(s): laser optical systems
Fabry-Perot interferometers
nonlinear optics
excited states
quantum dots
laser resonators
observational astronomy
optical chaos
classical electromagnetism
Journal Title: AIP Advances
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Publisher Place: New York, NY
Volume: 6
Issue: 12
Article Number: 125114
Publisher DOI: 10.1063/1.4973335
EISSN: 2158-3226
ISSN: 2158-3226
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