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How to Uncover Sources of Unwarranted Practice Variation: A Case Study in Emergency Medicine

Feufel, Markus A. (2018-05)

Forty years of statistical database analyses have demonstrated the existence of unwarranted practice variation in care delivery, that is, variations independent of medical need, evidence, or patient preference. Alas, little is known about the underlying mechanisms and thus finding interventions to reduce unwarranted variations remains difficult, hampering quality, equity, and efficiency of care...

Decisionmaking in practice: The dynamics of muddling through

Flach, John M. ; Feufel, Markus A. ; Reynolds, Peter L. ; Henrickson Parker, Sarah ; Kellogg, Kathryn M. (2017-05)

An alternative to conventional models that treat decisions as open-loop independent choices is presented. The alterative model is based on observations of work situations such as healthcare, where decisionmaking is more typically a closed-loop, dynamic, problem-solving process. The article suggests five important distinctions between the processes assumed by conventional models and the reality ...

Paper "Size Matters" Excel Data prepared for SPSS

Meier, Felix Christian ; Schöbel, Markus ; Feufel, Markus (2018)

The present excel file includes all data used for the study and it is prepared to be fed into SPSS. First column shows a number. Every car got number as it was collected during experiment. In the second column the pairs of legally and illegally parked cars are counted. In the third column and fifth column brand and model of each car are coded. The fourth column shows the values of a car brand s...