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Laser patterning of chalcopyrite and perovskite based solar cells: investigation of the laser-material interaction and laser-induced damages

Schultz, Christof (2021)

In this thesis the laser-material interaction processes for the creation of a monolithic interconnection for CIGSe and perovskite solar cells were investigated. By revealing these processes and their influence on the electrical, compositional, and structural properties of the solar cell materials in the vicinity of the laser scribed lines, material-specific ablation models were derived. Thereby...

Development of ultra sensitive localisation techniques for failure analysis of soft breakdown events in low K dielectrics

Herfurth, Norbert (2020)

The phenomenon of generating a soft breakdown defect on degrading low k dielectric materials has been observed for many years. So far, the development of such defects has not been fully understood. For the reconstruction of said developments, it is necessary to perform a detailed physical defect analysis. This thesis describes a detailed way to develop failure analysis methods for low k dielec...

Electron-beam-induced current measurements with applied bias provide insight to locally resolved acceptor concentrations at p-n junctions

Abou-Ras, Daniel ; Schaefer, Norbert ; Baldaz, N. ; Brunken, Stephan ; Boit, Christian (2015-07-31)

Electron-beam-induced current (EBIC) measurements have been employed for the investigation of the local electrical properties existing at various types of electrical junctions during the past decades. In the standard configuration, the device under investigation is analyzed under short-circuit conditions. Further insight into the function of the electrical junction can be obtained when applying...

Fully integrated BiCMOS high-voltage driver circuits for on-chip RF-MEMS switch matrices

Wipf, Christian (2019)

In this work, building blocks required to control electrostatically actuated radio frequency micro- electro- mechanical system (RF-MEMS) matrices were developed and integrated into demonstrator circuits. The realized chips include the high-voltage (HV) generation and switching units integrated together with the RF-MEMS switches. To the author’s knowledge, this work is the first to present monol...

Materialaspekte der Hydridgasphasenepitaxie von Aluminiumgalliumnitrid

Fleischmann, Simon (2019)

In dieser Arbeit wurden Aspekte zur Verbesserung der Materialqualität von AlGaN-Schichten untersucht, die mittels HVPE abgeschieden wurden. Diese umfassten einerseits die Strukturierung von Saphirsubstraten und die Prozessschritte Pufferschicht und Kompositionsvariationen sowie andererseits die Wahl des Reaktormaterials zu Vermeidung von parasitären Reaktionen und Fremdatomeinbau. Zunächst wur...

Entwicklung einer Hybridsolarzelle mit CuInSe2 und den kleinen organischen Molekülen ZnPc und C60

Morzé, Natascha von (2018)

Bei der vorliegenden Arbeit handelt es sich um eine Machbarkeitsstudie einer Hybridsolarzelle mit dem anorganischen Absorber CuInSe2 und den kleinen organischen Molekülen ZnPc und C60. Ähnlich wie bei einer Tandemsolarzelle soll bei diesem Konzept der Absorber CuInSe2 die Sonnenenergie im Infrarotbereich in Strom umwandeln und das Farbstoffmolekül ZnPc im sichtbaren Bereich. Das Fulleren C60 di...

Optical interactions for internal signal tracking in ICs

Vogt, Ivo (2018)

This work investigates and improves two common techniques of electronics failure analysis, (spectral) photon emission microscopy (PEM/SPEM) and electro-optical frequency mapping (EOFM). The scientific focus is set on the physical interaction between light and an active semiconductor device. Investigated test structures include 14-40nm FinFETs of several technology generations, as well as planar...

Contactless visible light probing for nanoscale ICs through 10 μm bulk silicon

Boit, Christian ; Lohrke, Heiko ; Scholz, Philipp ; Beyreuther, Anne ; Kerst, Uwe ; Iwaki, Y. (2015)

This paper explains why only optical techniques will be able to provide debug and diagnosis of bulk silicon FinFET technologies. In order to apply optical techniques through a convenient thickness of silicon on the one hand, light is limited to NIR to minimize absorption. To match resolution requirements on the other hand, it becomes mandatory to use shorter wavelengths. Two key issues have to ...