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Geofences on the Blockchain: Enabling Decentralized Location-based Services

Victor, Friedhelm ; Zickau, Sebastian (2018)

A decentralized ride- or carsharing application is among the early proposals of what smart contracts on blockchains may enable in the future. To facilitate use cases in the field of location-based services (LBS), smart contracts need to receive trustworthy positioning information, and be able to process them. We propose an approach on how geofences can be defined in smart contracts, and how sup...

Managing cloud ecosystems

Slawik, Mathias (2018)

In recent years, the ever-growing proliferation of cloud services led to the creation of large cloud ecosystems. The most prominent example is the cloud ecosystem of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which now has over 8,000 partners and more than $ 18 billion in revenue in 2017. In addition to these "giants", many smaller ecosystems address more specific challenges. An example is the TRESOR cloud eco...

Blockchain-based Supply Chain Traceability: Token Recipes model Manufacturing Processes

Westerkamp, Martin ; Victor, Friedhelm ; Küpper, Axel (2018)

Growing consumer awareness as well as manufacturers’ internal quality requirements lead to novel demands on supply chain traceability. Existing centralized solutions suffer from isolated data storage and lacking trust when multiple parties are involved. Decentralized blockchain-based approaches attempt to overcome these shortcomings by creating digital representations of physical goods to facil...

Seamless interoperability and data portability in the social web for facilitating an open and heterogeneous online social network federation

Göndör, Sebastian Jürg (2018)

Online Social Networks (OSN) have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We express ourselves, create and collect content such as images or videos, share content and information with our friends and colleagues, exchange messages, or keep track of what's happening in the world. Yet, despite social communication being implicitly a distributed, decentralized phenomenon, most OSN services a...