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Purpose-designed technogenic materials for sustainable urban greening

Flores Ramírez, Eleonora (2018)

Background: Urban green areas provide a number of desirable ecosystem services for the environment and city dwellers. However, the substrate preparation for the greenery installation mostly implies the mining and erosion of valuable natural soils. Therefore, the objective of this work is to design a Technosol based on a mixture of mainly recycled materials, to sustain vegetation and to lower t...

Physical influence of microbial communities on the structure and occlusion of particulate organic matter in a sandy agricultural soil

Büks, Frederick (2018)

Soil aggregate stability is an integral marker of soil fertility. Well aggregated soil contributes to high rootability, a proper water and aeration regime, resistance against compaction and erosion as well as storage capability of organic carbon. The aggregation of soil primary particles and microaggregates is promoted not only by a large variety of physico-chemical but also biological interact...

Massive carbon addition to an organic-rich Andosol increased the subsoil but not the topsoil carbon stock

Zieger, Antonia ; Klaus, Kaiser ; Ríos Guayasamín, Pedro ; Kaupenjohann, Martin (2018-05-07)

Andosols are among the most carbon-rich soils, with an average of 254 Mg ha−1 organic carbon (OC) in the upper 100 cm. A current theory proposes an upper limit for OC stocks independent of increasing carbon input, because of finite binding capacities of the soil mineral phase. We tested the possible limits in OC stocks for Andosols with already large OC concentrations and stocks (212 g kg−1 in ...