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Degenkolb_etal_fate_2020.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2019The fate of silver nanoparticles in riverbank filtration systems — The role of biological components and flow velocityDegenkolb, Laura; Leuther, Frederic; Lüderwald, Simon; Philippe, Allan; Metreveli, George; Amininejad, Sayed; Vogel, Hans-Jörg; Kaupenjohann, Martin; Klitzke, Sondra-
Degenkolb_etal_Retention_2018.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2018Retention and remobilization mechanisms of environmentally aged silver nanoparticles in an artificial riverbank filtration systemDegenkolb, Laura; Metreveli, George; Philippe, Allan; Brandt, Anja; Leopold, Kerstin; Zehlike, Lisa; Vogel, Hans-Jörg; Schaumann, Gabriele E.; Baumann, Thomas; Kaupenjohann, Martin; Lang, Friederike; Kumahor, Samuel; Klitzke, Sondra-
Degenkolb_etal_Transport_2019.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019Transport and retention of differently coated CeO2 nanoparticles in saturated sediment columns under laboratory and near-natural conditionsDegenkolb, Laura; Dippon, Urs; Pabst, Silke; Klitzke, Sondra-
melzer_dennis.pdf.jpg2021Nitrogen mineralization in soils of tropical climates - concepts, experiments and implications for modelersMelzer, Dennis-
degenkolb_laura.pdf.jpg2021Mobility and transport mechanisms of engineered nanoparticles in soils and water-saturated sedimentsDegenkolb, Laura-
Büks_etal_Particles_2021.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2021Particles under stress: ultrasonication causes size and recovery rate artifacts with soil-derived POM but not with microplasticsBüks, Frederick; Kayser, Gilles; Zieger, Antonia; Lang, Friederike; Kaupenjohann, Martin-
soilsystems-04-00070.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2020Correlations of Soil Fungi, Soil Structure and Tree Vigour on an Apple Orchard with Replant SoilCavael, Ulrike; Tost, Philipp; Diehl, Katharina; Büks, Frederick; Lentzsch, Peter-
Büks_Kaupenjohann_Global_2020.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2020Global concentrations of microplastics in soils – a reviewBüks, Frederick; Kaupenjohann, Martin-
1-s2.0-S0048969716324226-main.pdf.jpg2017Contrasting effects of biochar on N2O emission and N uptake at different N fertilizer levels on a temperate sandy loamSun, Zhencai; Sänger, Anja; Rebensburg, Philip; Lentzsch, Peter; Wirth, Stephan; Kaupenjohann, Martin; Meyer-Aurich, Andreas-
flores_ramirez_eleonora.pdf.jpg2018Purpose-designed technogenic materials for sustainable urban greeningFlores Ramírez, Eleonora-
bueks_frederick.pdf.jpg2018Physical influence of microbial communities on the structure and occlusion of particulate organic matter in a sandy agricultural soilBüks, Frederick-
bg-15-2743-2018.pdf.jpg7-May-2018Massive carbon addition to an organic-rich Andosol increased the subsoil but not the topsoil carbon stockZieger, Antonia; Klaus, Kaiser; Ríos Guayasamín, Pedro; Kaupenjohann, Martin-
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