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On the frequency-dependence of electrical soil properties and their influence on ground-penetrating radar

Loewer, Markus (2018)

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) is sensitive to changes of electrical soil properties. These properties can become strongly frequency-dependent, even so they are considered constant in many applications. Analysis of radargrams provided evidence that radar waves propagating in moist loamy and clayey soils underlie strong absorption and dispersion effects. The energy absorption together with the w...

Impact and mitigation of borehole related effects in permanent crosshole resistivity imaging: An example from the Ketzin CO2 storage site

Wagner, Florian M. ; Bergmann, Peter ; Rücker, Carsten ; Wiese, Bernd ; Labitzke, Tim ; Schmidt-Hattenberger, Cornelia ; Maurer, Hansruedi (2015)

Geoelectrical methods are particularly suited for CO2 injection monitoring due to their high sensitivity to fluid displacement processes in porous rock formations. The use of borehole electrodes is favorable for deep storage horizons. Yet data acquisition based on permanently installed borehole electrodes can be challenged by the finite extent of the electrodes, unintended borehole deviation an...