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Assembling the multitude: questions about agency in the urban environment

Brantz, Dorothee (2017)

In recent years, urban history has witnessed an expansion of actors. Historians have substantially and continuously extended their perspectives when it comes to examining the forces that drive urban developments. This expansion to an ever-broader range of human and increasingly also non-human actors (e.g. animals, technological systems and resources such as water) has opened up many new venues ...

[Book review:] Marion Roberts & Adam Eldridge, Planning the Night-time City, London : Routledge, 2009

Vogelpohl, Anne (2011)


[Book Review:] The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy: Global Perspectives, edited by Carl Grodach and Daniel Silver, London: Routledge, 2012

Novy, Johannes (2013)

Urban cultural policy is one of those elusive terms for which there seems to be no definitive definition. An understanding of what urban cultural policy is and does is not only made ambiguous by the complex character of the notion of culture itself but also by the fact that it is often difficult to demarcate cultural policy as a distinct policy domain. Cultural policy’s boundaries cannot simply...


Funck, Marcus ; Reif, Heinz (2003)

With this volume, the European Association of Urban Historians (EAUH) introduces itself for the first time to American readers and includes some of the results of its Fifth International Conference, which took place in August/ September 2000 in Berlin. The EAUH was founded in 1989 by English, Dutch, Belgian, and French historians. The focus of its activities is the International Conference on U...

Manfred Kuttner (1937-2007) - Farbe flieg

Sense, Sabine (2018)

Die wichtigste Fragestellung dieser Dissertation lautet: Welches war Manfred Kuttners künstlerischer Beitrag in der 2. Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts? Die Antwort heißt: Manfred Kuttner trug wesentlich zu der „Erfindung“ der Abstraktion in der bildenden Kunst der Epoche der Nachkriegsmoderne bei. („Die Erfindung der Abstraktion“ lautet der Titel der vorletzten Gemeinschaftsausstellung, an der Manf...

Identities in transit

Merrill, Samuel (2015)

This article analyses urban railway infrastructures as landscapes in order to reveal their role as constructions and constructors of collective and individual identities. It does this by introducing the notion of 'identities in transit', a rhetorical category that problematises the tendency to consider the nexus of urban infrastructure and identity formation only during discrete moments and in ...