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Main Title: Tempo data from 50 performances of Beethovens Appassionata (Op. 57)
Author(s): Brinkmann, Fabian
von Loesch, Heinz
Type: Generic Research Data
Language Code: en
Abstract: This database holds tempo data from 50 performances of Beethoven’s famous piano sonata Op. 57, also known as the Appassionata. Different versions of the score are for example freely available from the Petrucci Music Library ( For further study, we recommend to either use the edition from Heinrich Schenker including bar numbers, or the edition from Arthur Schnabel including his tempo annotation.
Issue Date: 24-May-2018
Date Available: 25-May-2018
DDC Class: 786 Tasteninstrumente, andere Instrumente
Subject(s): Beethoven
Opus 57
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