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dc.contributor.authorAckermann, David-
dc.contributor.authorIlse, Maximilan-
dc.contributor.authorGrigoriev, Dmitry-
dc.contributor.authorLepa, Steffen-
dc.contributor.authorPelzer, Sönke-
dc.contributor.authorVorländer, Michael-
dc.contributor.authorWeinzierl, Stefan-
dc.description.abstractA database of 35 virtual room models was created that can serve as a ground truth for the future development of room acoustical parameters beyond ISO 3382-1. Some of the room models are based on existing performance venues, however without yielding a perfect match of measured and simulated acoustical parameters. Others are artificial designs which were made to systematically cover a wide variety of room acoustical properties. Each of the 35 acoustical environments included in the GRAP database consists of three components: (1) the room model which specifies source and receiver positions and the acoustic properties of the surfaces, (2) the simulated monaural and binaural impulse responses, as well as (3) the item and factor scores, based on a listening test using the Room Acoustic Quality Inventory (RAQI).en
dc.description.sponsorshipDFG, FOR 1557, Simulation and Evaluation of Acoustical Environments (SEACEN)en
dc.subject.ddc534 Schall und verwandte Schwingungenen
dc.subject.otherroom acoustical analysisen
dc.subject.othervirtual acousticen
dc.subject.otherroom acoustic simulationen
dc.titleA Ground Truth on Room Acoustical Analysis and Perception (GRAP)en
dc.typeGeneric Research Dataen
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