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Main Title: Gaze direction when driving after dark on main and residential roads: Where is the dominant location?
Author(s): Winter, Jan
Fotios, Steve
Völker, Stephan
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: CIE JTC-1 has requested data regarding the size and shape of the distribution of drivers’ eye movement in order to characterise their visual adaptation. This article reports the eye movement of drivers along two routes in Berlin after dark, a main road and a residential street, captured using eye tracking. It was found that viewing behaviour differed between the two types of road. On the main road eye movement was clustered within a circle of approximately 10° diameter, centred at the horizon of the lane. On the residential street eye movement is clustered slightly (3.8°) towards the near side; eye movements were best captured with either an ellipse of approximate axes 10° vertical and 20° horizontal, centred on the lane ahead, or a 10° circle centred 3.8° towards the near side. These distributions reflect a driver’s tendency to look towards locations of anticipated hazards.
Issue Date: 17-Feb-2016
Date Available: 4-Jun-2018
DDC Class: 629 Andere Fachrichtungen der Ingenieurwissenschaften
Subject(s): eye movement
system of mesopic photometry
mesopic luminance
driving after dark
Sponsor/Funder: BMBF, 13N10815, Messung und Simulation des photopischen und mesopischen Sehens: Psychophysiologische Maße zur Beurteilung von Beleuchtungseinrichtungen
Journal Title: Lighting research and technology
Publisher: Sage Publications
Publisher Place: London [u.a.]
Volume: 49
Issue: 5
Publisher DOI: 10.1177/1477153516632867
Page Start: 574
Page End: 585
EISSN: 1477-0938
ISSN: 1477-1535
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