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Driver cognitive workload

Ruff, Stefan (2017)

Using in-car speech interaction systems has become increasingly popular. However, the cognitive workload resulting from this and its consequences for the driver are not yet fully understand. This thesis therefore aims to better understand the consequences of driver cognitive workload regarding performance, subjective evaluation and physiological changes and to identify suitable non-intrusive ph...

The loading, shape and motion of the lumbar spine

Dreischarf, Marcel (2017)

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most challenging health-economic problems of modern societies that are subjected to demographic change. Due to its multifactorial causes and a lack of scientific knowledge, currently employed therapy concepts for LBP, for pain in the lumbar spine in particular, are insufficiently successful. However, recent clinical-biomechanical research has emphasized that a ...

The impinging jet

Wilke, Robert (2017)

The internal cooling of turbine blades and vertical take off and landing aircraft engines are just two of many examples where impinging jets are used. In order to save global resources, an increase of cooling efficiency is wanted. Therefore, enormous research activities have been and are presently being carried out with respect to impinging jets. Despite substantial advances within the last dec...

Comparative study of two dynamics-model-based estimation algorithms for distributed drive electric vehicles

Zhang, Xudong ; Göhlich, Dietmar ; Fu, Chenrui (2017)

The effect of vehicle active safety systems is subject to the accurate knowledge of vehicle states. Therefore, it is of great importance to develop a precise and robust estimation approach so as to deal with nonlinear vehicle dynamics systems. In this paper, a planar vehicle model with a simplified tire model is established first. Two advanced model-based estimation algorithms, an unscented Kal...

Auswirkungen von bildbasierter Navigation unterschiedlicher Automationsgrade auf Leistung, Beanspruchung und Situationsbewusstsein von Chirurgen

Luz, Maria (2017)

Bildbasierte Navigation, auf Englisch image-guided navigation (IGN), unterstützt den Chirurgen bei der Navigation durch die unübersichtliche Patientenanatomie und bei der Erkennung von anatomischen Strukturen während eines chirurgischen Eingriffs. Das Prinzip der IGN besteht darin, die Lage von chirurgischen Instrumenten zu bestimmen und in Bilddaten wie den computertomographischen oder magnetr...

Field of research in sustainable manufacturing

Bonvoisin, Jérémy ; Stark, Rainer ; Seliger, Günther (2017)

Sustainability has raised significant attention in manufacturing research over the last decades and has become a significant driver of the development of innovative technologies and management concepts. The current chapter aims to provide a structured overview of the wide field of research in sustainable manufacturing with a particular focus on manufacturing technology and management. It intend...

Future of business models in manufacturing

Seidel, Johannes ; Barquet, Ana-Paula ; Seliger, Günther ; Kohl, Holger (2017)

In order to achieve systematic change in pursuit of sustainable manufacturing, both a strategic long-term perspective employing methods from future studies and a concrete implementation of the knowledge gained in sustainable business models are necessary. In this chapter, the concepts and exemplary methods for sustainable business model innovation are introduced with a special focus on sustaina...

Sustainability dynamics

Stark, Rainer ; Lindow, Kai (2017)

Value creation ensures societal prosperity. At the same time, Sustainable Development determines the future of global human wellbeing. Both aspects are based on profound environmental, social and economic mechanisms—and both aspects are closely linked. The Sustainability Dynamics Model describes the direct and indirect effects of value creation together with the three dimensions of Sustainable ...

Inducing behavioural change in society through communication and education in sustainable manufacturing

Roeder, Ina ; Wang, Wei Min ; Muschard, Bernd (2017)

The United Nations considers the mobilization of the broad public to be the essential requirement for achieving a shift towards a more sustainable development. Science can play a vital role in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by contributing to ESD-related research and development on the one hand, and by becoming active awareness raisers themselves in education and multiplier network...

Life cycle sustainability assessment approaches for manufacturing

Chang, Ya-Ju ; Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Lehmann, Annekatrin ; Scheumann, René ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2017)

Sustainability assessments considering the three dimensions environment, economy, and society are needed to evaluate manufacturing processes and products with regard to their sustainability performance. This chapter focuses on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA), which considers all three sustainability dimensions by combining the three methods life cycle assessment

Material reutilization cycles across industries and production lines

Halstenberg, Friedrich A. ; Steingrímsson, Jón G. ; Stark, Rainer (2017)

The concept of Industrial Symbiosis aims at organizing industrial activity like a living ecosystem where the by-product outputs of one process are used as valuable raw material input for another process. A significant method for the systematic planning of Industrial Symbiosis is found in input–output matching, which is aimed at collecting material input and output data from companies, and using...

Target-driven sustainable product development

Buchert, Tom ; Pförtner, Anne ; Stark, Rainer (2017)

Figuring in sustainability in product development requires a profound understanding of the cause and effect of engineering decisions along the full spectrum of the product lifecycle and the triple bottomline of sustainability. Sustainability design targets can contribute to mitigating the complexity involved, by means of a formalised problem description. This article discusses how sustainabilit...

Sustainable technologies for thick metal plate welding

Sproesser, Gunther ; Chang, Ya-Ju ; Pittner, Andreas ; Finkbeiner, Matthias ; Rethmeier, Michael (2017)

Welding is the most important joining technology. In the steel construction industry, e.g. production of windmill sections, welding accounts for a main part of the manufacturing costs and resource consumption. Moreover, social issues attached to welding involve working in dangerous environments. This aspect has unfortunately been neglected so far, in light of a predominant focus on economics co...

Enabling low-carbon development in poor countries

Steckel, Jan Christoph ; Schwerhoff, Gregor ; Edenhofer, Ottmar (2017)

The challenges associated with achieving sustainable development goals and stabilizing the world’s climate cannot be solved without significant efforts by developing and newly-emerging countries. With respect to climate change mitigation, the main challenge for developing countries lies in avoiding future emissions and lock-ins into emission-intensive technologies, rather than reducing today’s ...

Human-centred automation to simplify the path to social and economic sustainability

Nguyen, The Duy ; Krüger, Jörg (2017)

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) pose a serious threat to sustainability in manufacturing. In particular, this phenomenon impacts the sustainability indicators of worker health and safety and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Effective MSD prevention measures would therefore constitute a remarkable contribution to social and economic sustainability. This chapter provides first an outline of exi...

Reduction of friction by normal oscillations. II. In-plane system dynamics

Mao, Xinyu ; Popov, Valentin L. ; Starcevic, Jasminka ; Popov, Mikhail (2017)

The influence of out-of-plane oscillations on friction is a well-known phenomenon that has been studied extensively with various experimental methods, e.g., pin-on-disk tribometers. However, existing theoretical models have yet achieved only qualitative correspondence with experiment. Here we argue that this may be due to the system dynamics (mass and tangential stiffness) of the pin or other s...

Reduction of friction by normal oscillations. I. Influence of contact stiffness

Popov, Mikhail ; Popov, Valentin L. ; Popov, Nikita (2017)


Brain connectivity during encoding and retrieval of spatial information: individual differences in navigation skills

Sharma, Greeshma ; Gramann, Klaus ; Chandra, Sushil ; Singh, Vijander ; Mittal, Alok Prakash (2017)

Emerging evidence suggests that the variations in the ability to navigate through any real or virtual environment are accompanied by distinct underlying cortical activations in multiple regions of the brain. These activations may appear due to the use of different frame of reference (FOR) for representing an environment. The present study investigated the brain dynamics in the good and bad navi...

Ein Mikrofonarray-Verfahren zur Untersuchung der Schallabstrahlung von Turbofantriebwerken

Funke, Stefan (2017)

Diese Arbeit zeigt die Entwicklung und die Validierung eines Mikrofonarray-Verfahrens, mit dem erstmals die Untersuchung der gerichteten Schallabstrahlung von Turbofantriebwerken und die Trennung der Schallfeldanteile des Einlaufs, der Düse(n) und des Strahls möglich ist. Das inverse Verfahren mit dem Namen SODIX (source directivity modeling in the cross-spectral matrix) reproduziert die Kreuzs...

Organisationsentwicklung zur Absicherung neuer Technologien und Geschäftsmodelle in globalen Partnernetzwerken

Dust, Robert ; Ramm, Arne ; Randow, Naya von ; Reinhardt, André ; Trotz, Matthias ; Wilde, Anja ; Behr, Carl-Magnus von ; Eggert, Julius ; Paasch, Robert (2017)

Ein ganzheitliches Qualitätsbewusstsein in den Unternehmen ist ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor für die Zufriedenheit der Kunden und Differenzierung im globalen Wettbewerb. Immer kürzere Technologie- und Innovationszyklen stellen Industrie-, Handels- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen permanent vor neue Herausforderungen. Die Verschmelzung verschiedener Technologien und Branchen führt zu neuen Geschä...