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Design of vehicle system dynamics using solution spaces

Eichstetter, Markus (2018)

The automotive industry is looking for an efficient product development process to offer a large diversity of high quality products while reducing development costs. An efficient product development process can be created by shifting many aspects of development into the virtual world. This work describes three contributions to a systematic virtual development process: first, a method to derive ...

Ultrasonic assisted milling of reinforced plastics

Uhlmann, Eckart ; Protz, F. ; Stawiszynski, B. ; Heidler, S. (2017)

The milling of glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics provides manufacturers from the automotive and aerospace industry with major challenges. The high carbon and glass fibre content increases the risk of insufficient production qualities. The abrasive fibres cause cutting edge rounding which results in the issue that the comparatively thick glass fibre cannot be reliably cut, while the car...


Dörr, Lisa-Madeleine ; Russwinkel, Nele ; Prezenski, Sabine (2016)

ACT-Droid is a tool for directly connecting ACT-R with Android applications on smartphones or tablets. The advantage of this tool is that no prototyping of the application is needed. This tool is especially useful to evaluate applications according to usability by using general modeling approaches.

Evolution des Verkehrs – der Systemansatz und sein Beitrag zur künftigen Verkehrgestaltung

Heinze, G. Wolfgang ; Kill, H. H. (1989)


How to Uncover Sources of Unwarranted Practice Variation: A Case Study in Emergency Medicine

Feufel, Markus A. (2018-05)

Forty years of statistical database analyses have demonstrated the existence of unwarranted practice variation in care delivery, that is, variations independent of medical need, evidence, or patient preference. Alas, little is known about the underlying mechanisms and thus finding interventions to reduce unwarranted variations remains difficult, hampering quality, equity, and efficiency of care...

Decisionmaking in practice: The dynamics of muddling through

Flach, John M. ; Feufel, Markus A. ; Reynolds, Peter L. ; Henrickson Parker, Sarah ; Kellogg, Kathryn M. (2017-05)

An alternative to conventional models that treat decisions as open-loop independent choices is presented. The alterative model is based on observations of work situations such as healthcare, where decisionmaking is more typically a closed-loop, dynamic, problem-solving process. The article suggests five important distinctions between the processes assumed by conventional models and the reality ...

Zukunftskonzept virtuelle Kupplung

Rüsch, Franziska (2018)

Die betriebliche baureihen- und herstellerübergreifende Kuppelbarkeit (Multikuppelbarkeit) von Triebfahrzeugen im Schienenpersonennahverkehr (SPNV) erhöht die betriebliche Flexibilität im Fahrzeugeinsatz und verbessert dessen Wirtschaftlichkeit. Für die Gestaltung eines zukunftsfähigen SPNV gilt die Multikuppelbarkeit daher, insbesondere bei den Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen und Aufgabenträgern,...

Nichtlineare Vorhersage kritischer Strukturantworten in irregulärem Seegang

Dudek, Matthias (2018)

Die Durchführbarkeit von Offshore-Operationen hängt von limitierenden Designkriterien wie Absolut- bzw. Relativbewegungen der beteiligten Strukturen ab. Daher müssen vor der Operation, die oft nur ein bis zwei Minuten andauert, der vorherrschende Seegang und die damit einhergehenden Bewegungen exakt analysiert werden. Für das Erreichen größtmöglicher Betriebssicherheit und Wirtschaftlichkeit si...

Continuous maintenance and the future – foundations and technological challenges

Roy, Rajkumar ; Stark, Rainer ; Tracht, Kirsten ; Takata, Shozo ; Mori, Masahiko (2016-06-30)

High value and long life products require continuous maintenance throughout their life cycle to achieve required performance with optimum through-life cost. This paper presents foundations and technologies required to offer the maintenance service. Component and system level degradation science, assessment and modelling along with life cycle ‘big data’ analytics are the two most important knowl...

Aeroakustische Auslegung von Triebwerksfans mittels multidisziplinärer Optimierungen

Jaron, Robert (2018)

Fan noise is the dominant noise source in modern aircraft engines with high bypass ratios. Therefore the consideration of the noise reduction during the design of a fan stages becomes more and more important. In state-of-the-art design processes of fan stages the aerodynamic performance and the mechanical stability is automatically optimized by means of numerical simulations of the parametrized...

Large-scale microscopic simulation of taxi services. Berlin and Barcelona case studies

Maciejewski, Michał ; Salanova, Josep Maria ; Bischoff, Joschka ; Estrada, Miquel (2016-03-10)

The paper presents research on large-scale microscopic simulation of taxi services in Berlin and Barcelona based on floating car data collected by local taxi fleets. Firstly, Berlin’s and Barcelona’s taxi markets are shortly described and the demand and supply data obtained from FCD analysed. Secondly, the online taxi dispatching problem formulation for this specific case is given, followed by ...

Manual flying and energy awareness

Müller, Simon ; Schreiter, Karolin ; Luckner, Robert ; Manzey, Dietrich (2017)

In order to enable pilots to better maintain energy awareness and energy management in manual flight, a new concept has been proposed, which transfers the demand control principle of fly-by-wire control laws also to the control of thrust. It includes a total-energy-related augmented thrust controller combined with a modified cockpit instrumentation enriched by specific energy displays. In order...

Carbon fibre recycling from milling dust for the application in short fibre reinforced thermoplastics

Uhlmann, Eckart ; Meier, Paul (2017)

A new approach to reuse accruing chips and dust from milling operations of carbon reinforced plastics (CFRP) is studied, show-ing how CFRP milling dust, in comparison to primary and pyrolysed fibres, can find application as a filler material in thermo-plastic granulates. Recent examinations show an overall better handling of milling dust when separating it into different classes of fibre length...

The dynamics of volcanic jets

Cigala, V. ; Kueppers, U. ; Peña Fernández, J. J. ; Taddeucci, J. ; Sesterhenn, J. ; Dingwell, D. B. (2017-07-24)

Pyroclast ejection during explosive volcanic eruptions occurs under highly dynamic conditions involving great variations in flux, particle sizes, and velocities. This variability must be a direct consequence of complex interactions between physical and chemical parameters inside the volcanic plumbing system. The boundary conditions of such phenomena cannot be fully characterized via field obser...

Condition monitoring in the cloud

Uhlmann, Eckhart ; Laghmouch, Abdelhakim ; Hohwieler, Eckhard ; Geisert, Claudio (2015)

Due to the very high demands on availability and efficiency of production systems and industrial systems, condition-based maintenance is becoming increasingly important. The use of condition monitoring approaches to increase the machine availability and reduce the maintenance costs, as well as to enhance the process quality, has increased over the last years. The installation of industrial sens...

Method for automated structuring of product data and its applications

Adolphy, Sebastian ; Grosser, Hendrik ; Kirsch, Lucas ; Stark, Rainer (2015)

Product structures represent the data backbone for through-life management of complex systems. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems are used to maintain product structures and track product changes. However, in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) product composition often is unknown when MRO service providers are not the original manufacturers. Thus, MRO processes start with an exhaust...

Realization of a learning environment to promote sustainable value creation in areas with insufficient infrastructure

Muschard, Bernd ; Seliger, Günther (2015)

To increase the rationally demanded sustainability with its ecologic, environmental and social dimensions, innovative technology shall be exploited. For example waste can be used by means of closed loop material cycles for the production of new products. The understanding of such material cycles can help to deal responsibly with resources. Considering the limited awareness of more than seven bi...

Influence of the built-up edge on the stress state in the chip formation zone during orthogonal cutting of AISI1045

Uhlmann, Eckart ; Henze, Steffen ; Brömmelhoff, Katrin (2015)

In-situ strain measurements with high energy synchrotron radiation during orthogonal cutting of AISI1045 were carried out. Thereby it was possible to determine the stress state in the chip formation zone during the cutting process. As such, observations regarding the formation of built-up edges during the cutting process have been made. The formation of a built-up edge on the cutting tool is a ...

Investigating the energy consumption of the PECM process for consideration in the selection of manufacturing process chains

Swat, Martin ; Rebschläger, Andreas ; Trapp, Kirsten ; Stock, Tim ; Seliger, Günther ; Bähre, Dirk (2015)

The initial planning of manufacturing process chains provides the opportunity to sustainably influence the energy requirement for the manufacturing of industrial products by selecting the process chain with the lowest energy consumption. However, the task is still challenging due to the need for energy consumption data of manufacturing equipment. In this paper, the analysis of the energy consum...

Method to create proposals for PSS business models

Barquet, Ana Paula Bezerra ; Steingrímsson, Jón Garðar ; Seliger, Günther ; Rozenfeld, Henrique (2015)

Different authors of the product-service bundle literature agree on the fact that business models are central to implement PSS successfully. However, most of the studies about PSS business models mention its importance but do not explore which content should compose such models. Furthermore, PSS business models are explored taking into account a partial view of business model dimensions. Finall...