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2013_müller_et-al.pdf.jpg2013Simulatorstudie zur Ermittlung mentaler Handlungsmodelle von Piloten beim EnergiemanagementMüller, Simon; Schreiter, Karolin; Manzey, Dietrich-
fpsyg-10-02522.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2019The Impact of a Mnemonic Acronym on Learning and Performing a Procedural Task and Its Resilience Toward InterruptionsRadović, Tara; Manzey, Dietrich-
28-Jan-2020Absence of DOA Effect but No Proper Test of the Lumberjack Effect: A Reply to Jamieson and Skraaning (2019)Wickens, Christopher D.; Onnasch, Linda; Sebok, Angelina; Manzey, Dietrich-
Luz_etal_Impact_2016.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2017Impact of image-guided surgery on surgeons' performance: a literature reviewLuz, Maria; Strauss, Gero; Manzey, Dietrich-
Müller_etal_Attitude_2018.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2018Attitude indicator design in primary flight display: Revisiting an old issue with current technologyMüller, Simon; Sadovitch, Vitalij; Manzey, Dietrich-
Brüning_Manzey_Flexibility_2017.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2017Flexibility of individual multitasking strategies in task-switching with preview: are preferences for serial versus overlapping task processing dependent on between-task conflict?Brüning, Jovita; Manzey, Dietrich-
Schoebel_etal_Digging_2017.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2017Digging deeper! Insights from a multi-method assessment of safety culture in nuclear power plants based on Schein’s culture modelSchöbel, Markus; Klostermann, Anne; Lassalle, Ruth; Beck, Johannes; Manzey, Dietrich-
Onnasch_etal_Operators_2014.pdf.jpg13-May-2014Operators׳ adaptation to imperfect automation – Impact of miss-prone alarm systems on attention allocation and performanceOnnasch, Linda; Ruff, Stefan; Manzey, Dietrich-
Müller_etal_Moving-horizon_2020.pdf.jpg2020Moving-horizon versus moving-aircraft: Effectiveness of competing attitude indicator formats on recoveries from discrete and continuous attitude changesMüller, Simon; Korff, Christian; Manzey, Dietrich-
Müller_etal_Attitude_2019.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2019Attitude indicator formatMüller, Simon; Roche, Fabienne; Manzey, Dietrich-