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gramann_et-al_2017.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2017Modified navigation instructions for spatial navigation assistance systems lead to incidental spatial learningGramann, Klaus; Hoepner, Paul; Karrer-Gauss, Katja-
12-Aug-2018Inverse analysis of cellulose by using the energy-based method and a rotational rheometerAbali, Bilen Emek-
2017_eck_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Physics of prestall propagating disturbances in axial compressors and their potential as a stall warning indicatorEck, Mario; Geist, Silvio; Peitsch, Dieter-
Gpps_F72OUU.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2018Aeroelastic assessment of a highly loaded high pressure compressor exposed to pressure gain combustion disturbancesBicalho Civinelli de Almeida, Victor; Peitsch, Dieter-
2017_bonvoisin_et-al.pdf.jpg2017What is the “Source” of Open Source Hardware?Bonvoisin, Jérémy; Mies, Robert; Boujut, Jean-François; Stark, Rainer-
Dec-2016Simulation-based determination of systematic errors of flow meters due to uncertain inflow conditionsWeissenbrunner, Andreas; Fiebach, André; Schmelter, Sonja; Bär, Markus; Thamsen, Paul Uwe, et al-
Feb-2016Uncertainty evaluation for velocity–area methodsSteinbock, Jonas; Weissenbrunner, Andreas; Juling, Markus; Lederer, Thomas; Thamsen, Paul Uwe-
2016Adapting Ergonomic Assessments to Social Life Cycle AssessmentChang, Ya-Ju; Nguyen, The Duy; Finkbeiner, Matthias; Krüger, Jörg-
2016The Working Posture Controller: Automated Adaptation of the Work Piece Pose to Enable a Natural Working PostureNguyen, The Duy; Bloch, Christian; Krüger, Jörg-
2016How to Make People Make a Change – Using Social Labelling for Raising Awareness on Sustainable ManufacturingRoeder, Ina; Scheibleger, Matthias; Stark, Rainer-