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jekel_etal.pdf.jpg2013Anthropogenic organic micro-pollutants and pathogens in the urban water cycle: assessment, barriers and risk communication (ASKURIS)Jekel, Martin; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Meinel, Felix; Zietzschmann, Frederik; Pflugmacher Lima, Stephan, et al-
zhang_xudong_2017.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2017Integrated traction control strategy for distributed drive electric vehicles with improvement of economy and longitudinal driving stabilityZhang, Xudong; Göhlich, Dietmar-
c3an01836a.pdf.jpg2014A hydrodynamically optimized nano-electrospray ionization source and vacuum interfacePauly, M.; Sroka, M.; Reiss, J.; Rinke, G.; Albarghash, A., et al-
impact_of_swirl.pdf.jpg2014On the impact of swirl on the growth of coherent structuresOberleithner, Kilian; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Wygnanski, I.-
leastorder_flow.pdf.jpg2012On least-order flow representations for aerodynamics and aeroacousticsSchlegel, Michael; Noack, Bernd R.; Jordan, Peter; Dillmann, Andreas; Gröschel, Elmar, et al-
mean_flow.pdf.jpg2014Mean flow stability analysis of oscillating jet experimentsOberleithner, Kilian; Rukes, Lothar; Soria, Julio-
simulations_of_turbulent.pdf.jpg2013Simulations of turbulent channels with prescribed velocity profilesTuerke, Florian; Jiménez, Javier-
2017_goehlich_etal.pdf.jpg2017Comparative study of two dynamics-model-based estimation algorithms for distributed drive electric vehiclesZhang, Xudong; Göhlich, Dietmar; Fu, Chenrui-
2017_winter_etal.pdf.jpg2017Analysing the impacts of various environmental parameters on the biodiversity status of major habitatsWinter, Lisa; Berger, Markus; Minkov, Nikolay; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
2017_marinkovic_etal.pdf.jpg2017Dynamical modelling of hydraulic excavator considered as a multibody systemMitrev, Rosen; Janošević, Dragoslav; Marinković, Dragan-