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zhang_xudong_2017.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2017Integrated traction control strategy for distributed drive electric vehicles with improvement of economy and longitudinal driving stabilityZhang, Xudong; Göhlich, Dietmar-
2017_goehlich_etal.pdf.jpg2017Comparative study of two dynamics-model-based estimation algorithms for distributed drive electric vehiclesZhang, Xudong; Göhlich, Dietmar; Fu, Chenrui-
2017_marinkovic_etal.pdf.jpg2017Dynamical modelling of hydraulic excavator considered as a multibody systemMitrev, Rosen; Janošević, Dragoslav; Marinković, Dragan-
zhang_xudong_2017.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2017A hierarchical estimator development for estimation of tire-road friction coefficientZhang, Xudong; Göhlich, Dietmar-
16-Oct-2018On the Potential of Power Generation from Thermoelectric Generators in Gas Turbine CombustorsStathopoulos, Panagiotis; Fernàndez-Villa, Javier-
2018Demand control law for total energy angle tested at manual steep approachesSchreiter, Karolin; Müller, Simon; Luckner, Robert; Manzey, Dietrich-
2017_eck_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Physics of prestall propagating disturbances in axial compressors and their potential as a stall warning indicatorEck, Mario; Geist, Silvio; Peitsch, Dieter-
2015Design and manufacturing of a sustainable pedelecBuchert, Tom; Steingrímsson, Jón Garðar; Neugebauer, Sabrina; Nguyen, The Duy; Galeitzke, Mila, et al-
2015Multi-criteria decision making as a tool for sustainable product developmentBuchert, Tom; Neugebauer, Sabrina; Schenker, Sebastian; Lindow, Kai; Stark, Rainer-
2015Hybrid Simulators for Product Service-SystemsBeckmann-Dobrev, Boris; Kind, Simon; Stark, Rainer-