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Personal Career Development Plans for all ESRs

Mehrmann, Volker ; Scholz, Lena ; Vergara, Christian (2018-07-31)

In the ROMSOC project continuous career development strategies for the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are set up in order to enhance the career perspectives and employability of the recruited fellows to many public and private sectors (involving industry and research institutes). An intensive and highly qualified supervision and mentoring program, as well as the network-wide training activities...

Reports about 8 selected benchmark cases of model hierarchies

Auer, Naomi ; Barral, Patricia ; Benamou, Jean-David ; Comesaña, Daniel Fernández ; Girfoglio, Michele ; Hauberg-Lotte, Lena ; Hintermüller, Michael ; Ijzerman, Wilbert ; Knall, Karl ; Maass, Peter ; Marconi, Gianfranco ; Martinolli, Marco ; Monticone, Pier Paolo ; Morelli, Umberto ; Nayak, Ashwin ; Polverelli, Luc ; Prieto, Andrés ; Quintela, Peregrina ; Ramlau, Ronny ; Riccardo, Conte ; Rozza, Gianluigi ; Rukhaia, Giorgi ; Shah, Nirav ; Stadler, Bernadett ; Vergara, Christian (2018-09-30)

Based on the multitude of industrial applications, benchmarks for model hierarchies will be created that will form a basis for the interdisciplinary research and for the training programme. These will be equipped with publically available data and will be used for training in modelling, model testing, reduced order modelling, error estimation, efficiency optimization in algorithmic approaches, ...

ESR Recruitment Final Summary Report

Mehrmann, Volker ; Scholz, Lena (2018-08-29)

In this deliverable we report on the recruitment process and the recruitment results within the ROMSOC project. We also comment on the application timeline, strategies for advertisements and on the selection process. In summary, after approximately one year all ESR positions could be filled with very promising candidates. The deviation of the original work plan due to delays in the recruitment...