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Main Title: Application of artificial intelligence in Geodesy – A review of theoretical foundations and practical examples
Author(s): Reiterer, Alexander
Egly, Uwe
Vicovac, Tanja
Mai, Enrico
Moafipoor, Shahram
Grejner-Brzezinska, Dorota A.
Toth, Charles K.
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies in many of today's novel applications. It is used to add knowledge and reasoning to systems. This paper illustrates a review of AI methods including examples of their practical application in Geodesy like data analysis, deformation analysis, navigation, network adjustment, and optimization of complex measurement procedures. We focus on three examples, namely, a geo-risk assessment system supported by a knowledge-base, an intelligent dead reckoning personal navigator, and evolutionary strategies for the determination of Earth gravity field parameters. Some of the authors are members of IAG Sub-Commission 4.2 – Working Group 4.2.3, which has the main goal to study and report on the application of AI in Engineering Geodesy.
Issue Date: 2010
Date Available: 1-Oct-2018
DDC Class: 550 Geowissenschaften
Subject(s): artificial intelligence
knowledge-based systems
gravity field determination
Journal Title: Journal of applied geodesy
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publisher Place: Berlin
Volume: 4
Issue: 4
Publisher DOI: 10.1515/jag.2010.020
Page Start: 201
Page End: 217
EISSN: 1862-9024
ISSN: 1862-9016
Notes: Dieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG geförderten) Allianz- bzw. Nationallizenz frei zugänglich.
This publication is with permission of the rights owner freely accessible due to an Alliance licence and a national licence (funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation) respectively.
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