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Nudging organic food purchases in supermarkets

Korenke, Ruben (2021)

This dissertation explores the influence of nudging on organic food purchases in supermarkets in an in-depth literature review and three real-world field experiments. First, the core sustainability challenges of the global food system as well as the prior use and effectiveness of nudging interventions are analyzed. Based on these, three large-scale nudging interventions employing social norms, ...

Digitalization and the Decoupling Debate: Can ICT Help to Reduce Environmental Impacts While the Economy Keeps Growing?

Santarius, Tilman ; Pohl, Johanna ; Lange, Steffen (2020-09-11)

Digitalization can increase resource and energy productivities. However, the production and usage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) require materials and energy, and the application of ICTs fosters economic growth. This paper examines whether digitalization helps or hinders an absolute decoupling of environmental throughput from economic growth. The paper combines the literat...

From Unidisciplinary to Multidisciplinary Rebound Research: Lessons Learned for Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policies

Santarius, Tilman ; Walnum, Hans Jakob ; Aall, Carlo (2018-11-09)

This article presents how the rebound phenomenon has evolved from only being considered from a neoclassical economic perspective to include several other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and industrial ecology. The intention is to show how different theoretical perspectives contribute to the scientific discourse about rebound effects. We summarize key findings from the various discipl...