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Main Title: Multi-Dimensional Interface Based Spatial Adaption
Subtitle: A Prototype For A Multi-Sensory User Interface Employing Elastic Materials
Author(s): Lohse, Theresa
Fujii, Ryuta
Werner, Liss C.
Type: Conference Object
Language Code: en
Abstract: Patten and Ishii (2000) discovered that people are employing more versatile strategies for spatial distribution when using a tangible user interface (TUI) as opposed to a graphics user interface (GUI) (Patten & Ishii, 2000). Besides, the generated information outputs of conventional two-dimensional interacting screens are currently almost entirely addressing the visual and acoustic senses but lacking in other sensory stimuli - such as haptic, body equilibrium and sense of gravity. With the experiment described here, the multi-dimensionality of both the input on the interface and the output of the human interaction will be challenged. This paper aims to introduce a method to a real world versatile three-dimensional interface actuating a simulated spatial environment that substantiates the more unconventional sensory perception mentioned above. A physical prototype using an Arduino will be assembled to test the feasibility of the structure.
Issue Date: 2018
Date Available: 23-Nov-2018
DDC Class: 003 Systeme
Subject(s): spatial formation
virtual reality
tangible user interface
body equilibrium
physical computing
Proceedings Title: Computing for a better tomorrow - Proceedings of the 36th eCAADe Conference
Editor: Kępczyńska-Walczak, Anetta
Bialkowski, Sebastian
Publisher: eCAADe; Lodz University of Technology
Publisher Place: Łódź
Number: 2
Page Start: 169
Page End: 176
ISBN: 978-94-91207-16-7
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