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Non-linear x-ray diffraction from ferromagnetic thin-films

Schneider, Michael (2019)

In this thesis, fluence-dependent absorption and diffraction from solid-state samples in the extreme ultra-violet (XUV) regime is investigated. At these wavelengths, fluence dependent effects occur predominantly in experiments at free-electron laser (FEL) sources and attract considerable interest as they have important implications for the conclusiveness of studies performed at these light sour...

Quantification of silver nanoparticle uptake and distribution within individual human macrophages by FIB/SEM slice and view

Gührs, Erik ; Schneider, Michael ; Günther, Christian M. ; Hessing, Piet ; Heitz, Karen ; Wittke, Doreen ; Oliver, Ana López-Serrano ; Jakubowski, Norbert ; Plendl, Johanna ; Eisebitt, Stefan ; Haase, Andrea (2017-03-21)

Background Quantification of nanoparticle (NP) uptake in cells or tissues is very important for safety assessment. Often, electron microscopy based approaches are used for this purpose, which allow imaging at very high resolution. However, precise quantification of NP numbers in cells and tissues remains challenging. The aim of this study was to present a novel approach, that combines precise ...