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Main Title: Metallorganische Verbindungen der Lanthanoide, 41 [1]. Die Kristall-und Molekülstruktur von (C5Me5)2HoCl(THF)
Translated Title: Organometallic Compounds of the Lanthanides, 41 [1]. The Crystal and Molecular Structure of (C5Me5)2HoCl(THF)
Author(s): Schumann, Herbert
Loebel, J.
Helm, D. van der
Hossain, M. B.
Type: Article
Language Code: de
Abstract: The title compound (1) is obtained as brownish crystals by reaction of HOCl3 with NaC5Me5 in tetrahydrofuran. The structure of 1, which has two slightly different independent molecules per asymmetric unit, has been elucidated by X-ray analysis. The crystals are triclinic with a = 1686.2(8) pm, b = 1816(1) pm, c = 846.5(4) pm, α = 92.02(7)°, β = 92.47(9)°, γ = 63.21(5)°, space group P1̄, D(calcd) = 1.560 g/cm3, and R = 0.0286, for 6219 observed reflections with I > 3σ(I).
Issue Date: 1988
Date Available: 2-Jan-2019
DDC Class: 540 Chemie und zugeordnete Wissenschaften
Subject(s): chloro-bis(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)(tetrahydrofuran)holmium(iii)
Journal Title: Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publisher Place: Berlin
Volume: 43
Issue: 3
Publisher DOI: 10.1515/znb-1988-0315
Page Start: 323
Page End: 327
EISSN: 1865-7117
ISSN: 0932-0776
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