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Main Title: Metallkomplexe mit Hexamethylentetramin als Ligand, V II [1] Kristallstrukturen des Zinkchlorid-Adduktes ZnCl2 • C6H12N4 und des Zinkbromid-Adduktes ZnBr2-C6H12N4
Translated Title: Metal Complexes with Hexamethylenetetramine as a Ligand, V II [1] Crystal Structures of the Zinc Chloride Adduct ZnCl2 • C6H12N4, and the Zinc Bromide Adduct ZnBr2 • C6H12N4
Author(s): Pickardt, Joachim
Droas, Pamela
Type: Article
Language Code: de
Abstract: By reaction of zinc chloride and zinc bromide with hexamethylenetetramine in water/methanol crystals of the adducts ZnCl2 • C6H12N4 and ZnBr2 • C6H12N4, resp. were obtained. The compounds are isotypic, they crystallize in the orthorhombic space group P21am (non-standard setting of space group Pmc21, No. 26), Z = 2. The lattice parameters of the zinc chloride adduct are a = 1168.0(4), b = 685.7(4), and c = 601.1(4) pm, of the zinc bromide adduct a - 1188.9(6), b = 721.5(5), and c = 602.3(4) pm. The adducts are polymeric, they form parallel chains in the crystal. The zinc atoms are bonded to two halogen atoms and, via nitrogen atoms, to two hexamethylenetetramine molecules, which act as bidentate ligands. The coordination of the zinc atoms is approximately tetrahedral.
Issue Date: 1985
Date Available: 2-Jan-2019
DDC Class: 540 Chemie und zugeordnete Wissenschaften
Subject(s): hexamethylenetetramine
zinc chloride adduct
zinc bromide adduct
crystal structures
Journal Title: Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publisher Place: Berlin
Volume: 40
Issue: 12
Publisher DOI: 10.1515/znb-1985-1228
Page Start: 1756
Page End: 1758
EISSN: 1865-7117
ISSN: 0932-0776
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