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Assessment of Local People Opinion After World Heritage Site Designation, Case Study: Historic City of Yazd, Iran

Nasrolahi, Ahmad ; Roux, Jean-Michel ; Ghasvarian Jahromi, Leila ; Khalili, Mahmoudreza (2019-06-23)

Local participation in the cultural heritage conservation has always been a concern since the Venice Charter (1964). It seems the assumption of the World Heritage Center, and particularly their State Parties, is that local people living in a nominated site are willing to inscribe their properties on the World Heritage List. This research examines the points of view of a local community living i...

Validation of 7 Years in-Flight HY-2A Calibration Microwave Radiometer Products Using Numerical Weather Model and Radiosondes

Wu, Zhilu ; Wang, Jungang ; Liu, Yanxiong ; He, Xiufeng ; Liu, Yang ; Xu, Wenxue (2019-07-08)

Haiyang-2A (HY-2A) has been working in-flight for over seven years, and the accuracy of HY-2A calibration microwave radiometer (CMR) data is extremely important for the wet troposphere delay correction (WTC) in sea surface height (SSH) determination. We present a comprehensive evaluation of the HY-2A CMR observation using the numerical weather model (NWM) for all the data available period from ...

Preparation and Characterization of Ultra-Lightweight Foamed Concrete Incorporating Lightweight Aggregates

Abd Elrahman, Mohamed ; El Madawy, Mohamed E. ; Chung, Sang-Yeop ; Sikora, Pawel ; Stephan, Dietmar (2019-04-06)

Increasing interest is nowadays being paid to improving the thermal insulation of buildings in order to save energy and reduce ecological problems. Foamed concrete has unique characteristics and considerable potential as a promising material in construction applications. It is produced with a wide range of dry densities, between 600 and 1600 kg/m3. However, at a low density below 500 kg/m3, it ...

Improving the Performance of Multi-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Ambiguity Fixing for Airborne Kinematic Positioning over Antarctica

Li, Min ; Xu, Tianhe ; Flechtner, Frank ; Förste, Christoph ; Lu, Biao ; He, Kaifei (2019-04-25)

Conventional relative kinematic positioning is difficult to be applied in the polar region of Earth since there is a very sparse distribution of reference stations, while precise point positioning (PPP), using data of a stand-alone receiver, is recognized as a promising tool for obtaining reliable and accurate trajectories of moving platforms. However, PPP and its integer ambiguity fixing perfo...

Evaluation of Remote-Sensing-Based Landslide Inventories for Hazard Assessment in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Golovko, Darya ; Roessner, Sigrid ; Behling, Robert ; Wetzel, Hans-Ulrich ; Kleinschmit, Birgit (2017-09-15)

Large areas in southern Kyrgyzstan are subjected to high and ongoing landslide activity; however, an objective and systematic assessment of landslide susceptibility at a regional level has not yet been conducted. In this paper, we investigate the contribution that remote sensing can provide to facilitate a quantitative landslide hazard assessment at a regional scale under the condition of data ...

Climate Change Demands Adaptive Management of Urban Lakes: Model-Based Assessment of Management Scenarios for Lake Tegel (Berlin, Germany)

Ladwig, Robert ; Furusato, Eiichi ; Kirillin, Georgiy ; Hinkelmann, Reinhard ; Hupfer, Michael (2018-02-10)

Lakes are known to be strongly affected by climate change as a result of their sensitivity to atmospheric forcing. The combined response of urban lakes to climatic changes and to urbanization of the catchment may be further altered by water quality management measures. We studied Lake Tegel in Berlin, Germany as a representative urban lake profoundly influenced by intense water management measu...

Increasing Evapotranspiration on Extensive Green Roofs by Changing Substrate Depths, Construction, and Additional Irrigation

Kaiser, Daniel ; Köhler, Manfred ; Schmidt, Marco ; Wolff, Fiona (2019-07-23)

Urban environments are characterized by dense development and paved ground with reduced evapotranspiration rates. These areas store sensible and latent heat, providing the base for typical urban heat island effects. Green roof installations are one possible strategy to reintroduce evaporative surfaces into cities. If green roofs are irrigated, they can contribute to urban water management and e...

Modelling the Technical−Economic Relevance of the ETICS Construction Process

Sulakatko, Virgo (2018-11-09)

The increased number of energy efficiency requirements of the European Union has increased the renovation rate of apartment buildings. The external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) is often used to upgrade the façade. However, the construction process shortcomings very often cause defects shortly after completion. This paper develops a technical–economic relevance assessment model of...

Objectives for Stakeholder Engagement in Global Environmental Assessments

Garard, Jennifer ; Kowarsch, Martin (2017-09-04)

Global environmental assessments (GEAs) are among the most large-scale, formalized processes for synthesizing knowledge at the science–policy–society interface. The successful engagement of diverse stakeholders in GEAs is often described as a crucial mechanism for increasing their legitimacy, salience and credibility. However, the diversity of perspectives on the more precise objectives for sta...

The Impact of Estimating High-Resolution Tropospheric Gradients on Multi-GNSS Precise Positioning

Zhou, Feng ; Li, Xingxing ; Li, Weiwei ; Chen, Wen ; Dong, Danan ; Wickert, Jens ; Schuh, Harald (2017-04-03)

Benefits from the modernized US Global Positioning System (GPS), the revitalized Russian GLObal NAvigation Satellite System (GLONASS), and the newly-developed Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) and European Galileo, multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has emerged as a powerful tool not only in positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT), but also in remote ...

Reassessing Hydrological Processes That Control Stable Isotope Tracers in Groundwater of the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile)

Scheihing, Konstantin W. ; Moya, Claudio E. ; Struck, Ulrich ; Lictevout, Elisabeth ; Tröger, Uwe (2017-12-26)

A collection of 514 stable isotope water samples from the Atacama Desert is being reassessed geostatistically. The evaluation reveals that adjacent Andean catchments can exhibit distinct δ18O and δ2H value ranges in meteoric waters, despite similar sample altitudes of up to 4000 m above sea level (a.s.l.). It is proposed that the individual topographic features of each catchment at the western ...

Willingness to Pay for Nature Conservation Policies in State-Owned Forests: An Austrian Case Study

Getzner, Michael ; Meyerhoff, Jürgen ; Schläpfer, Felix (2018-09-01)

The Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf), the Republic of Austria’s state-owned company, manages 15% of the Austrian forests; about 50% of the land is devoted to nature conservation. This paper presents the results of a representative survey of Austrian households ascertaining the acceptance of, preferences regarding, and willingness to pay for three different management scenarios. One program would ...

Geometric Refinement of ALS-Data Derived Building Models Using Monoscopic Aerial Images

Jarząbek-Rychard, Małgorzata ; Maas, Hans-Gerd (2017-03-16)

Airborne laser scanning (ALS) has proven to be a strong basis for 3D building reconstruction. While ALS data allows for a highly automated processing workflow, a major drawback is often in the point spacing. As a consequence, the precision of roof plane and ridge line parameters is usually significantly better than the precision of gutter lines. To cope with this problem, the paper presents an ...

Die Entwicklung der japanischen Kunstmuseumsarchitektur

Murata-Seibt, Hiromi (2019)

I. Forschungsziel: Die Untersuchung beschäftigt sich mit der Architektur ausgewählter Kunstmuseen in Japan mit folgenden Fragestellungen: 1) Welche historischen Faktoren beeinflussten deren Entstehung? Welches sind die Besonderheiten der japanischen Museumsgeschichte? Zu den wichtigsten Beispielen gehören die Schatzkammer „Shōsōin“ aus der Mitte des 8. Jahrhunderts in Nara sowie das erste japa...

Reading Patina: Learning from the contextual change of built landscape architecture elements over time in Berlin

Colwill, Simon Christopher (2019)

This practice orientated cumulative PhD thesis is based on the hypothesis that it is possible to optimise design, detailing, construction and maintenance techniques by monitoring and evaluating the development of landscape architecture projects at regular intervals after completion. The aim is to enhance the performance of future projects by analysing the weak points and vulnerabilities of exis...

Quality of Crowdsourced Data on Urban Morphology—The Human Influence Experiment (HUMINEX)

Bechtel, Benjamin ; Demuzere, Matthias ; Sismanidis, Panagiotis ; Fenner, Daniel ; Brousse, Oscar ; Beck, Christoph ; Van Coillie, Frieke ; Conrad, Olaf ; Keramitsoglou, Iphigenia ; Middel, Ariane ; Mills, Gerald ; Niyogi, Dev ; Otto, Marco ; See, Linda ; Verdonck, Marie-Leen (2017-05-09)

The World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools (WUDAPT) is a community initiative to collect worldwide data on urban form (i.e., morphology, materials) and function (i.e., use and metabolism). This is achieved through crowdsourcing, which we define here as the collection of data by a bounded crowd, composed of students. In this process, training data for the classification of urban structures...

Pore Characteristics and Their Effects on the Material Properties of Foamed Concrete Evaluated Using Micro-CT Images and Numerical Approaches

Chung, Sang-Yeop ; Lehmann, Christian ; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed ; Stephan, Dietmar (2017-05-26)

Foamed concrete contains numerous pores inside the material, and these pores are a significant factor determining the material characteristics. In particular, the pore distribution characteristics of foamed concrete significantly affect its thermal and mechanical properties. Therefore, an appropriate investigation is necessary for a more detailed understanding of foamed concrete. Here, a set of...

Spatial Data - potential European Key Biodiversity Areas

Bilz, Melanie (2019-06)

This dataset contains the spatial information for the dissertation on "European Red Lists and their potential to inform Key Biodiversity Area identification". Distribution data on species (amphibians, beetles, butterflies, mammals, molluscs, plants, reptiles) that are endemic to Europe and threatened with extinction was collected in 10x10 km grid cells.

European Red Lists and their potential to inform Key Biodiversity Area identification

Bilz, Melanie (2019)

Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) are sites that contribute significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity, encompassing the composition of biodiversity as well as ecological and biological processes. In 2016, the conservation and scientific community agreed upon a global KBA Standard, outlining five different criteria for identifying KBA sites. One of these criteria is the occurrence of s...

Effect of Different Gradings of Lightweight Aggregates on the Properties of Concrete

Chung, Sang-Yeop ; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed ; Stephan, Dietmar (2017-06-07)