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Estimating Pore Water Electrical Conductivity of Sandy Soil from Time Domain Reflectometry Records Using a Time-Varying Dynamic Linear Model

Aljoumani, Basem ; Sanchez-Espigares, Jose A. ; Wessolek, Gerd (2018-12-13)

Despite the importance of computing soil pore water electrical conductivity (σp) from soil bulk electrical conductivity (σb) in ecological and hydrological applications, a good method of doing so remains elusive. The Hilhorst concept offers a theoretical model describing a linear relationship between σb, and relative dielectric permittivity (εb) in moist soil. The reciprocal of pore water elect...

Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have

Ward, Hauke ; Radebach, Alexander ; Vierhaus, Ingmar ; Fügenschuh, Armin ; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2017)

The energy intensities of the various industrial sectors differ considerably across countries. This suggests a potential for emissions reductions through improved accessibility to efficient technologies. This paper estimates an upper-bound CO2 emission mitigation potential that could theoretically be achieved by improved access to efficient technologies in industrial sectors. We develop a linea...

Electronic Supplementary to Doctoral Dissertation

Lobanova, Anastasia (2018)

This Electronic Supplementary contains the SWIM Model set up, calibrated and validated for all eight river basins, together with executables, used to perform modelling experiments for Doctoral Thesis "The assessment of hydrological impacts of climate change and their implications for water management: from the local to European scale"

Assessing carbon dioxide emission reduction potentials of improved manufacturing processes using multiregional input output frameworks

Ward, Hauke ; Burger, Mia ; Chang, Ya-Ju ; Fürstmann, Paul ; Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Radebach, Alexander ; Sproesser, Gunther ; Pittner, Andreas ; Rethmeier, Michael ; Uhlmann, Eckart ; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2016)

Evaluating innovative process technologies has become highly important within the last decades. As standard tools different Life Cycle Assessment methods have been established, which are continuously improved. While those are designed for evaluating single processes they run into difficulties when it comes to assessing environmental impacts of process innovations at macroeconomic level. In this...

Truncation Error Estimates in Process Life Cycle Assessment Using Input‐Output Analysis

Ward, Hauke ; Wenz, Leonie ; Steckel, Jan Christoph ; Minx, Jan (2017)

Process life cycle assessment (PLCA) is widely used to quantify environmental flows associated with the manufacturing of products and other processes. As PLCA always depends on defining a system boundary, its application involves truncation errors. Different methods of estimating truncation errors are proposed in the literature; most of these are based on artificially constructed system complet...

The effect of industry delocalization on global energy use: A global sectoral perspective

Forin, Silvia ; Radebach, Alexander ; Steckel, Jan Christoph ; Ward, Hauke (2018)

Sectoral production technologies differ largely across countries, so do sectoral energy intensities. Hence, shifts in production locations within global sectors, possibly caused by environmental regulations, are likely to have an impact on aggregated energy usage and emissions. Applying a Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index decomposition we decompose changes of sectoral energy use from 2001–2011 int...

Rethinking the street

Levels, Annika (2019)

On a global scale, the paradigm of Sustainability has been increasingly determining urban development. Within its normative frame, transportation and streets play crucial roles: the overall goals to reduce motorized traffic in cities, to increase the share of walking and cycling, and to turn streets into “livable” public spaces has challenged both planning processes and spatial order of urban s...

Full-scale performance of selected starch-based biodegradable polymers in sludge dewatering and recommendation for applications

Zhou, Kuangxin ; Stüber, Johan ; Schubert, Rabea-Luisa ; Kabbe, Christian ; Barjenbuch, Matthias (2017)

Agricultural reuse of dewatered sludge is a valid route for sludge valorization for small and mid-size wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) due to the direct utilization of nutrients. A more stringent of German fertilizer ordinance requires the degradation of 20% of the synthetic additives like polymeric substance within two years, which came into force on 1 January 2017. This study assessed the...

Towards time- and state-dependent seismic risk over urban scales

Haas, Michael (2019)

Probabilistic seismic risk assessment involves the appraisal of three components: the seismic hazard due to expected ground motions, the exposure, i.e., assets exposed to the hazard, and their vulnerability with respect to the hazard. Earthquake sequences are a result of a time dependent process, which is complex to consider in a probabilistic framework. It is thus common to reduce sequences to...

Valuing wastes

Krause, Ariane (2019)

My dissertation had as its starting point the intention of two Tanzanian farmer's initiatives and their German partners to disseminate sustainable cooking and sanitation technologies to smallholder households in Karagwe District, in northwest Tanzania (TZ). These locally developed and adapted technologies include improved cook stoves, such as microgasifiers, and a system combining biogas digest...

Phosphorus recovery from municipal and fertilizer wastewater: China's potential and perspective

Zhou, Kuangxin ; Barjenbruch, Matthias ; Kabbe, Christian ; Inial, Goulven ; Remy, Christian (2017)

Phosphorus (P) is a limited resource, which can neither be synthesized nor substituted in its essential functions as nutrient. Currently explored and economically feasible global reserves may be depleted within generations. China is the largest phosphate fertilizer producing and consuming country in the world. China's municipal wastewater contains up to 293,163 Mg year of phosphorus, which equa...

Comparative environmental life cycle assessment of phosphorus recovery with different generations of the AirPrex® systems

Zhou, Kuangxin ; Remy, C. ; Kabbe, C. ; Barjenbruch, M. (2018)

Phosphorus (P) recovery through struvite is already both technically and economically feasible. This has been proved by more than 40 large-scale plants worldwide. However, when designing and implementing these P-recovery technologies, the environmental effects need to be considered. Therefore, a comparative environmental life cycle assessment of phosphorus recovery with different generations of...

Updating genome annotation for the microbial cell factory Aspergillus niger using gene co-expression networks

Schäpe, P. ; Kwon, M. J. ; Baumann, B. ; Gutschmann, B. ; Jung, S. ; Lenz, S. ; Nitsche, B. ; Paege, N. ; Schütze, T. ; Cairns, T. C. ; Meyer, V. (2018)

A significant challenge in our understanding of biological systems is the high number of genes with unknown function in many genomes. The fungal genus Aspergillus contains important pathogens of humans, model organisms, and microbial cell factories. Aspergillus niger is used to produce organic acids, proteins, and is a promising source of new bioactive secondary metabolites. Out of the 14,165 o...

Structural analysis of S-wave seismics around an urban sinkhole: evidence of enhanced dissolution in a strike-slip fault zone

Tanner, David C. ; Wadas, Sonja Halina ; Polom, Ulrich ; Krawcyk, Charlotte M. (2017)

Abstract. In November 2010, a large sinkhole opened up in the urban area of Schmalkalden, Germany. To determine the key factors which benefited the development of this collapse structure and therefore the dissolution, we carried out several shear-wave reflection-seismic profiles around the sinkhole. In the seismic sections we see evidence of the Mesozoic tectonic movement in the form of a NW–SE...

High-resolution shear-wave seismic reflection as a tool to image near-surface subrosion structures – a case study in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany

Wadas, Sonja Halina ; Polom, Ulrich ; Krawcyk, Charlotte M. (2016)

Abstract. Subrosion is the subsurface leaching of soluble rocks that results in the formation of depression and collapse structures. This global phenomenon is a geohazard in urban areas. To study near-surface subrosion structures, four shear-wave seismic reflection profiles, with a total length of ca. 332m, were carried out around the famous leaning church tower of Bad Frankenhausen in northern...

Urban climate and heat stress: how likely is the implementation of adaptation measures in mid-latitude cities? The case of façade greening analyzed with Bayesian networks

Sprondel, Nora ; Donner, Julie ; Mahlkow, Nicole ; Köppel, Johann (2016)

Background Urban heat is a challenge for mid-latitude cities possibly aggravated by global climate change making it necessary to adapt the urban fabric. Façade greening has been identified as an important measure to adjust the building stock and new buildings to adverse climatic impacts. Yet, little is known on factors that influence implementation probabilities for adaptation measures. Theref...

Initial Effects of Differently Treated Biogas Residues from Municipal and Industrial Wastes on Spring Barley Yield Formation

Prays, Nadia ; Kaupenjohann, Martin (2016)

Soil application of biogas residues (BGRs) is important for closing nutrient cycles. This study examined the efficiency and impact on yields and yield formation of solid-liquid separated residues from biodegradable municipal and industrial wastes (bio-waste) in comparison to complete BGRs, nitrification inhibitor, agricultural BGRs, mineral fertilizer and unfertilized plots as control. The expe...

Project Networks and Changing Industry Practices – Collaborative Content Production in the German Television Industry

Windeler, Arnold ; Sydow, Jörg (2001)

Changing industry practices and forms of production organization are the medium and result of co-evolutionary processes of change. The disruptive event of transforming the German TV industry into a dual system triggered a change in content production from in-house to collaborative forms in project networks which are not only highly sensitive to previous and anticipated project practices, but al...

[Book review:] Hermans, Hubert J. M. & Hermans-Jansen, Els, Self-narratives: The construction of meaning in psychotherapy (New York: Guilford, 1995)

Valsiner, Jaan (1996)


Organizing R&D Consortia for Path Creation and Extension: The Case of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies

Sydow, Jörg ; Windeler, Arnold ; Schubert, Cornelius ; Möllering, Guido (2012)

Taking issue with the classical theory of path dependence, we capture the active agency involved in collective efforts aimed at extending a current technological path and, in parallel, at creating a new path in the field of leading-edge international semiconductor manufacturing. We apply structuration theory in order to analyse the practices of path constitution that traditional evolutionary vi...