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Fully coupled robust shallow water flow and sediment transport model on unstructured grids

Zhao, Jiaheng (2019)

This Ph.D. thesis advances the fully coupling of robust shallow water flow and sediment transport modeling. The first part mainly focuses on the multislope MUSCL reconstruction for shallow water flow on unstructured grids. A limitation method for reconstruction of velocities avoids extremely high values for wet/dry fronts. The reconstruction methods are tested via analytical benchmarks and lab...

Nutrient recycling from sanitation and energy systems to the agroecosystem - Ecological research on case studies in Karagwe, Tanzania

Krause, Ariane ; Kaupenjohann, Martin ; George, Eckhard ; Köppel, Johann (2015)

Open cycles of organic carbon and nutrients cause soil degradation. Procedures such as ecological sanitation (EcoSan), bioenergy and Terra Preta practice (TPP) can contribute to closing nutrient cycles and may, in addition, sequester carbon. This paper introduces three projects in Karagwe, Tanzania, and their applied approach of integrated resource management to capture carbon and nutrients fro...

Organic wastes from bioenergy and ecological sanitation as a soil fertility improver: a field experiment in a tropical Andosol

Krause, Ariane ; Nehls, Thomas ; George, Eckhard ; Kaupenjohann, Martin (2016)

Andosols require the regular application of phosphorus (P) to sustain crop productivity. On an Andosol in NW Tanzania, we studied the short-term effects of amending standard compost, biogas slurry and CaSa compost (containing biochar and sanitized human excreta) on (i) the soil's physico-chemical properties, on (ii) biomass growth and crop productivity, and on (iii) the plants' nutrient status....

Modeling the impacts of climate extremes and multiple water uses to support water management in the Icó-Mandantes Bay, Northeast Brazil

Matta, Elena ; Koch, Hagen ; Selge, Florian ; Simshäuser, Max Nino ; Rossiter, Karina ; Silva, Gérsica Moraes Nogueira da ; Gunkel, Günter ; Hinkelmann, Reinhard (2018-07-25)

The hydropower production, water supply and aquaculture services of the Itaparica Reservoir are of immense importance for the Brazilian Northeast. Uncontrolled water resources consumption (e.g. irrigation, water supply), climate and land use change effects deteriorated the water quantity and quality in the reservoir, leading to socio-economic and environmental problems. In this work, a depth-av...

Data to Articel: Dissolved organic matter characteristics of deciduous and coniferous forests with variable management: different at the source, aligned in the soil

Thieme, Lisa ; Graeber, Daniel ; Hofmann, Diana ; Bischoff, Sebastian ; Schwarz, Martin T. ; Steffen, Bernhard ; Meyer, Ulf-Niklas ; Kaupenjohann, Martin ; Wilke, Wolfgang ; Michalzik, Beate ; Siemens, Jan (2019-03-21)

This dataset contains the data to the article: "Dissolved organic matter characteristics of deciduous and coniferous forests with variable management: different at the source, aligned in the soil" published in Biogeosciences

On factors controlling the mobility of organic compounds in water-rock interactions

Zhu, Yaling (2019)

The chemistry of organic compounds is based on carbon, the fifteenth most abundant element in the crust. Deriving from mainly biological systems, organic compounds can be incorporated into sedimentary rocks, and remain within the lithosphere for extended geological time periods, undergoing lengthy exposure to elevated temperatures and pressures which results in chemical transformations and phys...

Globale Urbanisierungstrends und Zukunft des Wohnens

Hutterer, Florian ; Jeutner, Marcus ; Pahl-Weber, Elke (2019)

Das 21. Jahrhundert ist das Jahrhundert der Städte. Weltweit haben Migrationsbewegungen und das natürliche Bevölkerungswachstum dazu geführt, dass sich die Zahl der in Städten lebenden Menschen sowohl anteilig, als auch absolut stark erhöht hat. Städte sind heute längst eng vernetzte Zentren des globalen Handels, sind Wirtschaftsmotoren und Spiegel gesellschaftlicher Veränderungen. Die hier vor...

Frame tie based on VLBI observations to near-field spacecraft

Liu, Li (2019)

The objective of this work is to find approaches to realize the link of celestial reference frames, the dynamic spacecraft reference frame and the more stable and accurate International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF), by observing the spacecraft with Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). In this work, the phase referencing observations to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellit...

Urban policy mobilities und globale Produktionsnetzwerke

Lukas, Michael ; Brück, Andreas (2018-11-28)

Als Reaktion auf die urbane Krise des chilenischen Entwicklungsmodells haben einige Multinationale Unternehmen der extraktiven Industrien damit begonnen, ihre Aktivitäten im Bereich der Unternehmensverantwortung auf städtische Interventionen hin zu fokussieren. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit international renommierten Architekt_innen, Planer_innen und Soziolog_innen propagieren Unternehmen des glo...

Kybernetische[s] Zeich[n]en. Eine vereinheitlichende Sprache von Pasks Kybernetik und der Computerkunst in Deutschland

Werner, Liss C. (2018-12-20)

Der Aufsatz gibt einen Überblick über die Beziehungen von Kybernetik und der in den 1960er Jahren in Deutschland entwickelten Computerkunst. Im Zentrum stehen der britische Kybernetiker Gordon Andrew Speedie Pask sowie Frieder Nake und Georg Nees, Mitbegründer der Computerkunst. Erst in den 1960er und 70er Jahren begannen Wissenschaftler wie Max Bense, Abraham A. Moles, Vera Molnar, Georg Nees ...

Cybernetic Drawing. A Unifying Language of Pask’s Cybernetics and Computer Art in Germany

Werner, Liss C. (2018-12-20)

The essay provides an overview of relationships between the cybernetics with a special emphasis on the British cybernetician Gordon Andrew Speedie Pask and the computer art developed in Germany in the 1960s-70s with an introduction to the artists Frieder Nake and Georg Nees. In the 1960s, early computer artists, such as the Max Bense, Vera Molnar, Georg Nees, Frieder Nake and others, began to e...

Decision making in structural engineering problems under polymorphic uncertainty

Petryna, Yuri ; Drieschner, Martin (2019-02-22)

The treatment of diverse uncertainties is an important challenge in structural engineering problems, especially from the viewpoint of realistic analysis. Inaccuracy and variability are always present and have to be quantified by either probabilistic, possibilistic, polymorphic or other uncertainty approaches. Regardless to the applied uncertainty quantification method, the numerical predictions...

Parameterization of arbitrary hole shapes using non-destructive testing and resulting stress concentration in a 2D plate with finite dimensions

Drieschner, Martin ; Petryna, Yuri ; Eichner, Lukas (2019-02-21)

Air void inclusions are mostly unavoidable in many different materials resulting from manufacturing processes or environmental conditions. In this contribution, non-destructive testing (NDT) like computer tomography (CT) is used for air void detection and quantification. The air voids lead to stress concentrations around them which influence significantly the structural integrity and at worst, ...

Acquisition of polymorphic uncertain data based on computer tomographic scans and integration in numerical models of adhesive bonds

Drieschner, Martin ; Petryna, Yuri (2019-02-21)

Since commercial wind turbines were introduced around 1980, the length of rotor blades has increased substantially up to 80m with consequently higher demands on availability and failure prevention. One of the typical failure mechanisms of rotor blades in operation are fatigue cracks in adhesive bonds often caused by air voids with a-priori unknown properties, which results from the manufacturi...

Perspectives and ambitions of interdisciplinary connectivity researchers

Paton, Eva Nora ; Smetanová, Anna ; Krueger, Tobias ; Parsons, Anthony (2019-01-29)

The article reviews research perspectives and ambitions of connectivity scientists in order to facilitate and improve joint connectivity research efforts across disciplinary boundaries. The assessment of four very different viewpoints (pragmatic, conceptual, epistemological and ontological) on connectivity signifies the diversity of thought and practice in the connectivity community and calls f...

Estimating Pore Water Electrical Conductivity of Sandy Soil from Time Domain Reflectometry Records Using a Time-Varying Dynamic Linear Model

Aljoumani, Basem ; Sanchez-Espigares, Jose A. ; Wessolek, Gerd (2018-12-13)

Despite the importance of computing soil pore water electrical conductivity (σp) from soil bulk electrical conductivity (σb) in ecological and hydrological applications, a good method of doing so remains elusive. The Hilhorst concept offers a theoretical model describing a linear relationship between σb, and relative dielectric permittivity (εb) in moist soil. The reciprocal of pore water elect...

Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have

Ward, Hauke ; Radebach, Alexander ; Vierhaus, Ingmar ; Fügenschuh, Armin ; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2017)

The energy intensities of the various industrial sectors differ considerably across countries. This suggests a potential for emissions reductions through improved accessibility to efficient technologies. This paper estimates an upper-bound CO2 emission mitigation potential that could theoretically be achieved by improved access to efficient technologies in industrial sectors. We develop a linea...

Electronic Supplementary to Doctoral Dissertation

Lobanova, Anastasia (2018)

This Electronic Supplementary contains the SWIM Model set up, calibrated and validated for all eight river basins, together with executables, used to perform modelling experiments for Doctoral Thesis "The assessment of hydrological impacts of climate change and their implications for water management: from the local to European scale"

Assessing carbon dioxide emission reduction potentials of improved manufacturing processes using multiregional input output frameworks

Ward, Hauke ; Burger, Mia ; Chang, Ya-Ju ; Fürstmann, Paul ; Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Radebach, Alexander ; Sproesser, Gunther ; Pittner, Andreas ; Rethmeier, Michael ; Uhlmann, Eckart ; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2016)

Evaluating innovative process technologies has become highly important within the last decades. As standard tools different Life Cycle Assessment methods have been established, which are continuously improved. While those are designed for evaluating single processes they run into difficulties when it comes to assessing environmental impacts of process innovations at macroeconomic level. In this...

Truncation Error Estimates in Process Life Cycle Assessment Using Input‐Output Analysis

Ward, Hauke ; Wenz, Leonie ; Steckel, Jan Christoph ; Minx, Jan (2017)

Process life cycle assessment (PLCA) is widely used to quantify environmental flows associated with the manufacturing of products and other processes. As PLCA always depends on defining a system boundary, its application involves truncation errors. Different methods of estimating truncation errors are proposed in the literature; most of these are based on artificially constructed system complet...