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BIM-SPEED D2.2 BIM Family ontologies

Pinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis ; Hartmann, Timo (2020-10-31)

This research includes three ontological models covering different knowledge from the renovation projects field. The three ontologies comprise: the Reno-Inst Ontology: An ontology for installation of components in building renovation projects, LCA-C Ontology: An ontology for LCA/LCC assessments in renovation projects, and BEM-Reno Ontology: An ontology for BEM development in renovation projects...

BIM-Speed use case methodology toolkit

Braun, Jan-Derrick ; Steinjan, Jessica (2020-11-13)

A Use Case methodology toolkit, which enables the users to specify their main goal of the refurbishment project to identify the related business processes, use cases, methods and finally software, tools and devices to be used to collect specific data. The toolkit is provided in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to allow users to browse and select use cases.

BIM-SPEED D7.1 Multi-criteria decision making method and tool for housing renovation projects

Pinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis ; Hartmann, Timo (2020-10-31)

This tool supports the selection of suitable renovation solutions in the context of residential buildings. The tool assissts the stakeholders to define general objectives, establish the criteria to evaluate multiple alternatives, capture the preferences of diverse stakeholders involved in the decision, and to obtain a final ranking of the alternatives according to their performance on the multi...