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sUAS Swarm Navigation using Inertial, Range Radios and Partial GNSS

Uijt de Haag, Maarten ; Huschbeck, Svenja ; Huff, Joel (2019-09-10)

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) operations are increasing in demand and complexity. Using multiple cooperative sUAS (i.e. a swarm) can be beneficial and is sometimes necessary to perform certain tasks (e.g., precision agriculture, mapping, surveillance) either independent or collaboratively. However, controlling the flight of multiple sUAS autonomously and in real-time in a challenging env...

Case Study on Aircraft Noise Reduction by Variation of Departure Profiles during Night Flights

Mitzkat, Mathias ; Strümpfel, Christoph (2020-02-12)

Since the civil air transportation sector has been growing significantly, with an increase not only in number of flights, but also with regards to their environmental impact, emissions have been growing to the same degree. Residents in areas around airports are therefore exposed to an increasing strain of noise pollution. Past scientific research has identified large potential through the imple...

Precise Relative Navigation and Separation Assurance of UAS and Manned Aircraft during Low Altitude Airfield Operations

Schuster, Eric ; Strümpfel, Christoph ; Huschbeck, Svenja ; Göbel, Bastian ; Berth, Christian ; Uijt de Haag, Maarten (2020-01-05)

This paper discusses the flight test setup and preliminary results of a precise relative navigation and separation assurance system to support safe simultaneous operation of general aviation aircraft and UAS at low altitudes in the vicinity of an uncontrolled airfield. With an increased use of UAS for a wide variety of applications, such as law enforcement, search and rescue, agriculture, infra...

Assured Multi-Mode Navigation for Urban Operations of Small UAS

Strümpfel, Christoph ; Schuster, Eric ; Huschbeck, Svenja ; Berth, Christian ; Uijt de Haag, Maarten (2020-01-05)

The paper discusses the preliminary analysis of an urban availability tool required for preflight flight planning. In this tool, areas in an urban environment are assessed with respect to GNSS availability, separation to traffic and obstacles, impact of UAS noise, and various other criteria. GNSS availability will drive the necessity to include alterna-tive navigation sensors such as laser scan...

Methodik zur Bewertung von Flugverfahren hinsichtlich Fluglärm und weiteren Kriterien

Müller, Marvin ; Strümpfel, Christoph (2019-01)

Geänderte Betriebsverfahren an Flughäfen können für Bewohner von flughafennahen Gebieten verminderten Fluglärm und verbesserte Luftqualität bedeuten, während in anderen Gebieten im Umkreis von Flughäfen gegensätzliche Effekte zu beobachten sind. Folglich ist an Flughäfen, insbesondere jenen in Industrieländern, ein massiver Interessenkonflikt während des Flugbetriebs und in Hinblick auf Änderun...