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Theory of Coulomb induced signatures in two dimensional spectroscopy of colloidal quantum dots

Ginter, Anke (2019)

In this thesis, the interplay between the Brownian motion of colloidal quantum dots (QDs) and the position-dependent Coulomb coupling is investigated. The Coulomb interaction plays an important role since it changes the optical and electrical properties of nanostructures such as colloidal QDs, even in the case of non-overlapping electron wave functions. Due to the Coulomb coupling, the individ...

Filtering Suppresses Amplitude Chimeras

Banerjee, Tanmoy ; Bandyopadhyay, Biswabibek ; Zakharova, Anna ; Schöll, Eckehard (2019-02-11)

Amplitude chimera (AC) is an interesting chimera pattern that has been discovered recently and is distinct from other chimera patterns, like phase chimeras and amplitude mediated phase chimeras. Unlike other chimeras, in the AC pattern all the oscillators have the same phase velocity, however, the oscillators in the incoherent domain show periodic oscillations with randomly shifted origin. In t...

Chimeras in Multiplex Networks: Interplay of Inter- and Intra-Layer Delays

Sawicki, Jakub ; Ghosh, Saptarshi ; Jalan, Sarika ; Zakharova, Anna (2019-04-24)

Time delay in complex networks with multiple interacting layers gives rise to special dynamics. We study the scenarios of time delay induced patterns in a three-layer network of FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators. The topology of each layer is given by a nonlocally coupled ring. For appropriate values of the time delay in the couplings between the nodes, we find chimera states, i.e., hybrid spatio-tem...

Control of Chimera States in Multilayer Networks

Omelchenko, Iryna ; Hülser, Tobias ; Zakharova, Anna ; Schöll, Eckehard (2019-01-30)

Chimera states are intriguing complex spatio-temporal patterns of coexisting coherent and incoherent domains. They can often be observed in networks with non-local coupling topology, where each element interacts with its neighbors within a fixed range. In small-size non-locally coupled networks, chimera states usually exhibit short lifetimes and erratic drifting of the spatial position of the i...