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Chimeras in Multiplex Networks: Interplay of Inter- and Intra-Layer Delays

Sawicki, Jakub ; Ghosh, Saptarshi ; Jalan, Sarika ; Zakharova, Anna (2019-04-24)

Time delay in complex networks with multiple interacting layers gives rise to special dynamics. We study the scenarios of time delay induced patterns in a three-layer network of FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators. The topology of each layer is given by a nonlocally coupled ring. For appropriate values of the time delay in the couplings between the nodes, we find chimera states, i.e., hybrid spatio-tem...

Control of Chimera States in Multilayer Networks

Omelchenko, Iryna ; Hülser, Tobias ; Zakharova, Anna ; Schöll, Eckehard (2019-01-30)

Chimera states are intriguing complex spatio-temporal patterns of coexisting coherent and incoherent domains. They can often be observed in networks with non-local coupling topology, where each element interacts with its neighbors within a fixed range. In small-size non-locally coupled networks, chimera states usually exhibit short lifetimes and erratic drifting of the spatial position of the i...