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3-May-2021Merging patterns and processes of diffuse pollution in urban watersheds: A connectivity assessmentPaton, Eva; Haacke, Nasrin-
Ulrich_etal_Do_2020.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020Do earthworms (D. veneta) influence plant-available water in technogenic soil-like substrate from bricks and compost?Ulrich, Susanne; Willaredt, Moreen; Nehls, Thomas; van Schaik, Loes-
Willaredt_Nehls_Investigation_2020.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2020Investigation of water retention functions of artificial soil-like substrates for a range of mixing ratios of two componentsWillaredt, Moreen; Nehls, Thomas-
Nehls_etal_Water_2020.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2020Water dynamics at the urban soil-atmosphere interface—rainwater storage in paved surfaces and its dependence on rain event characteristicsNehls, Thomas; Peters, Andre; Kraus, Fabian; Rim, Yong Nam-
applsci-11-00714.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2021Three-Dimensional Mapping of Forest Soil Carbon Stocks Using SCORPAN Modelling and Relative Depth Gradients in the North-Eastern Lowlands of GermanyRuss, Alexander; Riek, Winfried; Wessolek, Gerd-
Alencar_etal_Physically_2020.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2020Physically based model for gully simulation: application to the Brazilian semiarid regionAlencar, Pedro Henrique Lima; Araújo, José Carlos de; Teixeira, Adunias dos Santos-
water-12-00396-v3.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2020Mesoscale mapping of sediment source hotspots for dam sediment management in data-sparse semi-arid catchmentsSmetanová, Anna; Müller, Anne; Zargar, Morteza; Suleiman, Mohamed A.; Gholami, Faraz Rabei; Mousavi, Maryam-
sensors-19-05485.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2019Penetration Depth of a Soil Moisture Profile Probe Working in Time-Domain Transmission ModeKafarski, Marcin; Majcher, Jacek; Wilczek, Andrzej; Szyplowska, Agnieszka; Lewandowski, Arkadiusz; Zackiewicz, Alicja; Skierucha, Wojciech-
Gillefalk2019_article_Phosphorus.pdf.jpg27-May-2019Phosphorus availability and growth of benthic primary producers in littoral lake sedimentsGillefalk, Mikael; Herzog, Christiane; Hilt, Sabine-
vzj-18-1-190008.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2019Advanced In Situ Soil Water Sampling System for Monitoring Solute Fluxes in the Vadose ZoneReck, Arne; Paton, Eva; Kluge, Björn-
gillefalk_mikael.pdf.jpg2019Effects of bank filtration on lake ecosystemsGillefalk, Mikael-
climate-05-00038-v2.pdf.jpg23-May-2017Climate Change in Afghanistan Deduced from Reanalysis and Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX)—South Asia SimulationsAich, Valentin; Akhundzadah, Noor Ahmad; Knuerr, Alec; Khoshbeen, Ahmad; Hattermann, Fred; Paeth, Heiko; Scanlon, Andrew; Paton, Eva Nora-
hess-23-537-2019.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2019Perspectives and ambitions of interdisciplinary connectivity researchersPaton, Eva Nora; Smetanová, Anna; Krueger, Tobias; Parsons, Anthony-
sensors-18-04403-v3.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2018Estimating Pore Water Electrical Conductivity of Sandy Soil from Time Domain Reflectometry Records Using a Time-Varying Dynamic Linear ModelAljoumani, Basem; Sanchez-Espigares, Jose A.; Wessolek, Gerd-
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