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Fully integrated 240 GHz transmitter and receiver for high data rate communication

Eissa, Mohamed Hussein (2020)

The need for higher data rate wireless communication is increasing rapidly for different kind of applications. Hence the utilization of the wide and unallocated band above 200 GHz opens a lot of opportunities to serve these applications. This work presents the design, implementation and demonstration of fully integrated transmitter and receiver circuits for wireless communication at 240 GHz car...

A 216–256 GHz fully differential frequency multiplier-by-8 chain with 0 dBm output power

Eissa, Mohamed Hussein ; Malignaggi, Andrea ; Ko, Minsu ; Schmalz, Klaus ; Borngräber, Johannes ; Ulusoy, Ahmet Cagri ; Kissinger, Dietmar (2018-03-05)

This work presents a fully differential wideband and low power 240 GHz multiplier-by-8 chain, manufactured in IHP's 130 nm SiGe:C BiCMOS technology with fT/fmax = 300/500 GHz. A single ended 30 GHz input signal is multiplied by 8 using Gilbert cell-based quadrupler and doubler, and then amplified with a wideband differential 3-stage cascode amplifier. To achieve wide bandwidth and optimize for ...