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gramann_et-al_2017.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2017Modified navigation instructions for spatial navigation assistance systems lead to incidental spatial learningGramann, Klaus; Hoepner, Paul; Karrer-Gauss, Katja-
wilz_kalytta_2008.pdf.jpg2008Anxiety Symptoms in Spouses of Stroke PatientsWilz, Gabriele; Kalytta, Tanja-
2018Demand control law for total energy angle tested at manual steep approachesSchreiter, Karolin; Müller, Simon; Luckner, Robert; Manzey, Dietrich-
2018_gramann_et-al.pdf.jpg2018Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integrationLin, Chin-Teng; Chiu, Te-Cheng; Wang, Yu-Kai; Chuang, Chun-Hsiang; Gramann, Klaus-
schindele_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Comprehending negation: A study with adults diagnosed with high functioning autism or Asperger's syndromeSchindele, Rebecca; Lüdtke, Jana; Kaup, Barbara-
12-Mar-2019Effects of Trust, Self-Confidence, and Feedback on the Use of Decision AutomationWiczorek, Rebecca; Meyer, Joachim-
0018720816630450.pdf.jpg2016Image size influences visual search and perception of hemorrhages when reading Cranial CT: an eye-tracking studyVenjakob, Antje C.; Marnitz, Tim; Phillips, Peter; Mello-Thoms, Claudia R.-
1541931215591255.pdf.jpg2015Investigating benefits of likelihood alarm systems in presence of alarm validity informationWiczorek, Rebecca; Balaud, Magali; Manzey, Dietrich-
1541931213601066.pdf.jpg2016Asymmetric effects of false positive and false negative indications on the verification of alerts in different risk conditionsWiczorek, Rebecca; Meyer, Joachim-
1541931215591270.pdf.jpg2015Implementing energy status in head-down cockpit displays: impact of augmented energy information on pilot’s performanceMüller, Simon; Manzey, Dietrich; Schreiter, Karolin; Luckner, Robert-