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Experimental Study of Advanced Helmholtz Resonator Liners with Increased Acoustic Performance by Utilising Material Damping Effects

Dannemann, Martin ; Kucher, Michael ; Kunze, Eckart ; Modler, Niels ; Knobloch, Karsten ; Enghardt, Lars ; Sarradj, Ennes ; Höschler, Klaus (2018-10-15)

In aero engines, noise absorption is realised by acoustic liners, e.g., Helmholtz resonator (HR) liners, which often absorb sound only in a narrow frequency range. Due to developments of new engine generations, an improvement of overall acoustic damping performance and in particular more broadband noise absorption is required. In this paper, a new approach to increase the bandwidth of noise abs...

Microphone Array Benchmark b11: Rotating Point Sources

Herold, Gert (2017-07-28)

This benchmark case is part of a collection of synthetic and experimental array data sets compiled by the microphone array community for testing and comparing different microphone array methods. It consists of two simulated data sets featuring rotating point sources in a resting medium. Sound pressure time data are generated at 64 microphones, which are arranged evenly on a circle. The data are...