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Main Title: Projektsprachengliederung – systematische Analyse eines fachkommunikativen Einzelfalles
Translated Title: Project language classification – a systematic analysis of a LSP case study
Author(s): Pelikan, Kristina
Type: Article
Language Code: de
Abstract: Due to the increased consideration of concrete case studies, LSP research moved more and more towards Applied Linguistics during the last years. Although necessity and relevance of these studies are beyond dispute, this development of LSP research does not implicate only advantages. Systematic approaches are neglected more and more or even replaced by studies done intuitively without a grounding through appropriate theory. But how could the professioal language of an international research project for instance be classified? Are there classifications known in LSP research which could be adapted and applied? Following a diachronic approach, how does the language of this research project develop during the course of the project? Maybe there is a project specific vocabulary? The present article tries to find answers to these questions, together with giving an insight in the work on communication optimisation done at this research project and addressing briefly the discussion about the difference between applied linguistics and linguistics applied in this case.
Issue Date: 2016
Date Available: 14-May-2019
DDC Class: 430 Germanische Sprachen; Deutsch
Subject(s): Projektsprachengliederung
angewandte Linguistik
applied linguistics
project language classification
Journal Title: Lingwistyka Stosowana
Publisher: Instytut Slawistyki Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Publisher Place: Warschau
Volume: 18
Issue: 3
Publisher DOI: 10.32612/uw.20804814.2016.3.pp.91-103
Page Start: 91
Page End: 103
ISSN: 2544-4913
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