SFB 1265 - Re-Figuration von Räumen

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The Re-Figuration of Spaces

Löw, Martina ; Knoblauch, Hubert (2019-11)

The Working Paper outlines the guiding ideas, the basic methodology and the practical and organizational implementation of the Collaborative Research Centre 1265 "Re-Figuration of Spaces" (abbr.: CRC). The CRC 1265, established by the DFG in 2018, is characterized by an unique constellation in Berlin: The concurrence of spatial theory and communicative constructivism as well as an intense coope...

Die Re-Figuration von Räumen

Löw, Martina ; Knoblauch, Hubert (2019-08)

Das Working Paper stellt die leitenden Ideen, die grundlegende Methodologie und die praktisch-organisatorische Umsetzung des Sonderforschungsbereichs 1265 „Re-Figuration von Räumen“ (Abk.: SFB) vor. Der 2018 von der DFG eingerichtete SFB 1265 zeichnet sich durch eine einmalige Konstellation in Berlin aus: Das Zusammentreffen von Raumtheorie und kommunikativem Konstruktivismus sowie eine intensi...

Planning the Ideal Refugee Camp? A Critical Interrogation of Recent Planning Innovations in Jordan and Germany

Dalal, Ayham ; Darweesh, Amer ; Misselwitz, Philipp ; Steigemann, Anna (2018)

With the increase of refugee movements since 2014 in Europe and the Near East, the debate of how to plan appropriate shelters and emergency accommodation has gained a new momentum. Established techno-managerial approaches have been criticised as inappropriate and the professional community of planners and architects was increasingly drawn into debates for alternative solutions. This article tra...