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Estimating ventilation rates and emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy barn

Janke, David (2021)

Die Bestimmung von Luftwechselraten und Emissionen aus frei gelüfteten Tierhaltungssystemen ist mit großen Unsicherheiten behaftet. Das Ziel dieser Dissertation war die Untersuchung des Einfusses von Probenahmepositionen auf die Bestimmung von Luftwechselraten und Emissionen sowie die Optimierung und Weiterentwicklung derzeit angewandter Methoden. Dazu wurden drei methodische Ansätze in Form e...

Concept and Realization of a Novel Test Method Using a Dynamic Test Stand for Detecting Persons by Sensor Systems on Autonomous Agricultural Robotics

Meltebrink, Christian ; Ströer, Tom ; Wegmann, Benjamin ; Weltzien, Cornelia ; Ruckelshausen, Arno (2021-03-26)

As an essential part for the development of autonomous agricultural robotics, the functional safety of autonomous agricultural machines is largely based on the functionality and robustness of non-contact sensor systems for human protection. This article presents a new step in the development of autonomous agricultural machine with a concept and the realization of a novel test method using a dyn...

Agricultural Monitoring Using Polarimetric Decomposition Parameters of Sentinel-1 Data

Harfenmeister, Katharina ; Itzerott, Sibylle ; Weltzien, Cornelia ; Spengler, Daniel (2021-02-06)

The time series of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data are commonly and successfully used to monitor the biophysical parameters of agricultural fields. Because, until now, mainly backscatter coefficients have been analysed, this study examines the potentials of entropy, anisotropy, and alpha angle derived from a dual-polarimetric decomposition of Sentinel-1 data to monitor crop development. The...

In-Situ Measurement of Fresh Produce Respiration Using a Modular Sensor-Based System

Keshri, Nandita ; Truppel, Ingo ; Herppich, Werner B. ; Geyer, Martin ; Weltzien, Cornelia ; Mahajan, Pramod V. (2020-06-25)

In situ, continuous and real-time monitoring of respiration (R) and respiratory quotient (RQ) are crucial for identifying the optimal conditions for the long-term storage of fresh produce. This study reports the application of a gas sensor (RMS88) and a modular respirometer for in situ real-time monitoring of gas concentrations and respiration rates of strawberries during storage in a lab-scale...

Growth Height Determination of Tree Walls for Precise Monitoring in Apple Fruit Production Using UAV Photogrammetry

Hobart, Marius ; Pflanz, Michael ; Weltzien, Cornelia ; Schirrmann, Michael (2020-05-21)

In apple cultivation, spatial information about phenotypic characteristics of tree walls would be beneficial for precise orchard management. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can collect 3D structural information of ground surface objects at high resolution in a cost-effective and versatile way by using photogrammetry. The aim of this study is to delineate tree wall height information in an apple...

Hyperspectral Imaging Tera Hertz System for Soil Analysis: Initial Results

Dworak, Volker ; Mahns, Benjamin ; Selbeck, Jörn ; Gebbers, Robin ; Weltzien, Cornelia (2020-10-03)

Analyzing soils using conventional methods is often time consuming and costly due to their complexity. These methods require soil sampling (e.g., by augering), pretreatment of samples (e.g., sieving, extraction), and wet chemical analysis in the laboratory. Researchers are seeking alternative sensor-based methods that can provide immediate results with little or no excavation and pretreatment o...

Analyzing Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Crop Parameters Using Sentinel-1 Backscatter Data

Harfenmeister, Katharina ; Spengler, Daniel ; Weltzien, Cornelia (2019-07-02)

The knowledge about heterogeneity on agricultural fields is essential for a sustainable and effective field management. This study investigates the performance of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data of the Sentinel-1 satellites to detect variability between and within agricultural fields in two test sites in Germany. For this purpose, the temporal profiles of the SAR backscatter in VH and VV po...

Evaluating system of rice intensification using a modified transplanter: A smart farming solution toward sustainability of paddy fields in Malaysia

Shamshiri, Redmond R. ; Ibrahim, Bala ; Balasundram, Siva K. ; Taheri, Sima ; Weltzien, Cornelia (2019-03)

This paper presents the study reports on evaluating a new transplanting operation by taking into accounts the interactions between soil, plant, and machine in line with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) practices. The objective was to modify planting claw (kuku-kambing) of a paddy transplanter in compliance with SRI guidelines to determine the best planting spacing (S), seed rate (G) and...