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janke_david.pdf.jpg2021Estimating ventilation rates and emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy barnJanke, David-
sensors-21-02315-v2.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2021Concept and Realization of a Novel Test Method Using a Dynamic Test Stand for Detecting Persons by Sensor Systems on Autonomous Agricultural RoboticsMeltebrink, Christian; Ströer, Tom; Wegmann, Benjamin; Weltzien, Cornelia; Ruckelshausen, Arno-
remotesensing-13-00575-v3.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2021Agricultural Monitoring Using Polarimetric Decomposition Parameters of Sentinel-1 DataHarfenmeister, Katharina; Itzerott, Sibylle; Weltzien, Cornelia; Spengler, Daniel-
sensors-20-03589-v2.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2020In-Situ Measurement of Fresh Produce Respiration Using a Modular Sensor-Based SystemKeshri, Nandita; Truppel, Ingo; Herppich, Werner B.; Geyer, Martin; Weltzien, Cornelia; Mahajan, Pramod V.-
remotesensing-12-01656-v2.pdf.jpg21-May-2020Growth Height Determination of Tree Walls for Precise Monitoring in Apple Fruit Production Using UAV PhotogrammetryHobart, Marius; Pflanz, Michael; Weltzien, Cornelia; Schirrmann, Michael-
sensors-20-05660.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2020Hyperspectral Imaging Tera Hertz System for Soil Analysis: Initial ResultsDworak, Volker; Mahns, Benjamin; Selbeck, Jörn; Gebbers, Robin; Weltzien, Cornelia-
remotesensing-11-01569-v2.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2019Analyzing Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Crop Parameters Using Sentinel-1 Backscatter DataHarfenmeister, Katharina; Spengler, Daniel; Weltzien, Cornelia-
ijabe-20191202-2999.pdf.jpgMar-2019Evaluating system of rice intensification using a modified transplanter: A smart farming solution toward sustainability of paddy fields in MalaysiaShamshiri, Redmond R.; Ibrahim, Bala; Balasundram, Siva K.; Taheri, Sima; Weltzien, Cornelia-
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