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Second life assessment of Lithium-ion cells obtained from portable electronics

Salinas, Felipe (2021)

In the last decade, repurposing batteries obtained from electric vehicles as stationary energy storages has gained attention motivated by the life extension of lithium-ion batteries before recycling. This interest is also observed in initiatives which have downscaled this concept for batteries obtained from portable electronics, accounting today for most batteries sent to recycling. Independent...

Dataset to the thesis "Second life assessment of Lithium-ion cells obtained from portable electronics"

Salinas, Felipe (2021-02-23)

This dataset belongs to the thesis "Second life assessment of Lithium-ion cells obtained from portable electronics". It contains a characterization of 29 features for 100 cells, for which the performance was tested for 100 cycles and the results grouped through k-means algorithm. It was used to provide an example of a novel methodology to grade second life batteries.

Classifying Aged Li-Ion Cells from Notebook Batteries

Salinas, Felipe ; Kowal, Julia (2020-04-30)

A dataset consisting of 90 lithium-ion cells obtained from old notebook batteries containing their response to 100 charge–discharge cycles is presented. The resulting degradation patterns are assigned to four clusters and related to possible aging mechanisms. The records in the battery management system (BMS) of each battery are analyzed to understand the influence of first life conditions in t...

Bewertung der Energieeffizienz von netzgekoppelten Photovoltaik-Batteriesystemen in Wohngebäuden

Weniger, Johannes (2020)

Der Einsatz von Photovoltaik-Anlagen (PV-Anlagen) in Kombination mit Batteriespeichersystemen zur Energieversorgung von Wohngebäuden gewinnt immer mehr an Bedeutung. Mit der zunehmenden Anzahl der am Markt erhältlichen PV-Batteriesysteme rücken verstärkt Fragen in Bezug auf die Effizienz der unterschiedlichen Systemkonzepte in den Vordergrund. Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist die Entwicklun...

A Comparative Study on the Influence of DC/DC-Converter Induced High Frequency Current Ripple on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Korth Pereira Ferraz, Pablo ; Kowal, Julia (2019-10-31)

Modern battery energy systems are key enablers of the conversion of our energy and mobility sector towards renewability. Most of the time, their batteries are connected to power electronics that induce high frequency current ripple on the batteries that could lead to reinforced battery ageing. This study investigates the influence of high frequency current ripple on the ageing of commercially a...

Bedeutung der Elektrolytverteilung in Blei-Säure Batteriezellen

Wipperfürth, Walter (2019)

This thesis presents the effects of electrolyte distribution in relation to the active material in lead-acid battery cells. The disadvantages of an insufficiently even and sufficient distribution of the electrolyte are presented by means of experiment results in order to show proposals for the optimization of battery capacity and energy density. Instructions for the improvement of the distrib...

Inhomogeneities in Battery Packs

Neupert, Steven ; Kowal, Julia (2018-06-28)