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Co-Clustering under the Maximum Norm

Bulteau, Laurent ; Froese, Vincent ; Hartung, Sepp ; Niedermeier, Rolf (2016-02-25)

Co-clustering, that is partitioning a numerical matrix into “homogeneous” submatrices, has many applications ranging from bioinformatics to election analysis. Many interesting variants of co-clustering are NP-hard. We focus on the basic variant of co-clustering where the homogeneity of a submatrix is defined in terms of minimizing the maximum distance between two entries. In this context, we sp...

Finding Supported Paths in Heterogeneous Networks

Fertin, Guillaume ; Komusiewicz, Christian ; Mohamed-Babou, Hafedh ; Rusu, Irena (2015-10-09)

Subnetwork mining is an essential issue in the analysis of biological, social and communication networks. Recent applications require the simultaneous mining of several networks on the same or a similar vertex set. That is, one searches for subnetworks fulfilling different properties in each input network. We study the case that the input consists of a directed graph D and an undirected graph G...