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Atomic force microscopy-based nanoscopic studies of epoxy/boehmite nanocomposites

Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media (2020)

Development of lightweight parts made of fiber-reinforced polymer composites for aerospace and automotive industry has been focus of many studies over the past several decades. Nanofillers added to the epoxy matrices used in such composite parts results in remarkable improvement of matrix-dominated properties. Formation of interphases between inorganic nanofillers and polymer matrices is usuall...

Rheological and Mechanical Gradient Properties of Polyurethane Elastomers for 3D-Printing with Reactive Additives

Wang, Peng ; Auhl, Dietmar ; Uhlmann, Eckart ; Gerlitzky, Georg ; Wagner, Manfred H. (2019-12-31)

Polyurethane (PU) elastomers with their broad range of strength and elasticity are ideal materials for additive manufacturing of shapes with gradients of mechanical properties. By adjusting the mixing ratio of different polyurethane reactants during 3D-printing it is possible to change the mechanical properties. However, to guarantee intra- and inter-layer adhesion, it is essential to know the ...

Development and Application of a Statistically-Based Quality Control for Crowdsourced Air Temperature Data

Napoly, Adrien ; Grassmann, Tom ; Meier, Fred ; Fenner, Daniel (2018-08-29)

In urban areas, dense atmospheric observational networks with high-quality data are still a challenge due to high costs for installation and maintenance over time. Citizen weather stations (CWS) could be one answer to that issue. Since more and more owners of CWS share their measurement data publicly, crowdsourcing, i.e., the automated collection of large amounts of data from an undefined crowd...

Piezo-Plunger Jetting Technology: An Experimental Study on Jetting Characteristics of Filled Epoxy Polymers

Kurz, Alexander ; Bauer, Jörg ; Wagner, Manfred (2019-02-01)

The droplet formation of Newtonian fluids and suspensions modified by spherical, non-colloidal particles has attracted much interest in practical and theoretical research. For the present study, a jetting technique was used which accelerates a geometrically defined plunger by a piezoelectric actuator. Changing rheological properties of materials and extending deformation rates towards nonlinear...

Short- and Long-Range Mechanical and Chemical Interphases Caused by Interaction of Boehmite (γ-AlOOH) with Anhydride-Cured Epoxy Resins

Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media ; Elert, Anna-Maria ; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan ; Agudo Jácome, Leonardo ; Altmann, Korinna ; Silbernagl, Dorothee ; Sturm, Heinz (2019-06-04)

Understanding the interaction between boehmite and epoxy and the formation of their interphases with different mechanical and chemical structures is crucial to predict and optimize the properties of epoxy-boehmite nanocomposites. Probing the interfacial properties with atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based methods, especially particle-matrix long-range interactions, is challenging. This is due to...

Effect of Shear Rate on the Orientation and Relaxation of a Vanillic Acid Based Liquid Crystalline Polymer

De Kort, Gijs W. ; Leoné, Nils ; Stellamanns, Eric ; Auhl, Dietmar ; Wilsens, Carolus H. R. M. ; Rastogi, Sanjay (2018-08-22)

In this study, we report on the visco-elastic response during start-up and cessation of shear of a novel bio-based liquid crystal polymer. The ensuing morphological changes are analyzed at different length scales by in-situ polarized optical microscopy and wide-angle X-ray diffraction. Upon inception of shear, the polydomain texture is initially stretched, at larger strain break up processes be...