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Piezo-Plunger Jetting Technology: An Experimental Study on Jetting Characteristics of Filled Epoxy Polymers

Kurz, Alexander ; Bauer, Jörg ; Wagner, Manfred (2019-02-01)

The droplet formation of Newtonian fluids and suspensions modified by spherical, non-colloidal particles has attracted much interest in practical and theoretical research. For the present study, a jetting technique was used which accelerates a geometrically defined plunger by a piezoelectric actuator. Changing rheological properties of materials and extending deformation rates towards nonlinear...

Short- and Long-Range Mechanical and Chemical Interphases Caused by Interaction of Boehmite (γ-AlOOH) with Anhydride-Cured Epoxy Resins

Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media ; Elert, Anna-Maria ; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan ; Agudo Jácome, Leonardo ; Altmann, Korinna ; Silbernagl, Dorothee ; Sturm, Heinz (2019-06-04)

Understanding the interaction between boehmite and epoxy and the formation of their interphases with different mechanical and chemical structures is crucial to predict and optimize the properties of epoxy-boehmite nanocomposites. Probing the interfacial properties with atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based methods, especially particle-matrix long-range interactions, is challenging. This is due to...

Effect of Shear Rate on the Orientation and Relaxation of a Vanillic Acid Based Liquid Crystalline Polymer

De Kort, Gijs W. ; Leoné, Nils ; Stellamanns, Eric ; Auhl, Dietmar ; Wilsens, Carolus H. R. M. ; Rastogi, Sanjay (2018-08-22)

In this study, we report on the visco-elastic response during start-up and cessation of shear of a novel bio-based liquid crystal polymer. The ensuing morphological changes are analyzed at different length scales by in-situ polarized optical microscopy and wide-angle X-ray diffraction. Upon inception of shear, the polydomain texture is initially stretched, at larger strain break up processes be...