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Unique Brewing-Relevant Properties of a Strain of Saccharomyces jurei Isolated From Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

Hutzler, Mathias ; Michel, Maximilian ; Kunz, Oliver ; Kuusisto, Tiina ; Magalhães, Frederico ; Krogerus, Kristoffer ; Gibson, Brian (2021-03-31)

The successful application of Saccharomyces eubayanus and Saccharomyces paradoxus in brewery fermentations has highlighted the potential of wild Saccharomyes yeasts for brewing, and prompted investigation into the application potential of other members of the genus. Here, we evaluate, for the first time, the brewing potential of Saccharomyces jurei. The newly isolated strain from an ash tree (F...

Überwachungsmöglichkeiten von Trübungen im Brauprozess mittels statischer Lichtstreuung

Teumer, Tobias (2021)

Filtriertes Bier soll glanzfein sein. Aber was bedeutet glanzfein? Im Bier können Partikel vorkommen, die es trüb wirken lassen. Diese treten aus unterschiedlichen Gründen während des Brauprozesses in der Würze oder im Bier als Trübung in Erscheinung. Die hier vorliegende Arbeit behandelt die Thematik, Partikel mithilfe der statischen Lichtstreuung (SLS)l im Bier messtechnisch erfassen zu könne...

Untersuchungen zur Abreicherung von Fremdionen über die Kristallphase

Erlbeck, Lars (2020)

Die Entsalzung von Meerwasser zur Produktion von Trinkwasser bzw. die Aufreinigung von Quellwasser zur Nutzung als Prozesswasser stellt eine wichtige Technologie dar, die mit den bisherigen Methoden in Gebieten mit hoher wirtschaftlicher Stärke oder mit großen energetischen Vorkommen ausreichend realisiert wird. Wenn diese Voraussetzungen jedoch nicht gegeben sind, dann ist es derzeit schwierig...

Comparison of Two Different Designs of a Scraped Surface Crystallizer for Desalination Effect and Hydraulic and Thermodynamic Numbers

Erlbeck, Lars ; Wössner, Dirk ; Kunz, Thomas ; Methner, Frank-Jürgen ; Rädle, Matthias (2020-08-12)

The design of a desalination plant is most important if the desired product purity has to be as high as possible. This is also true for freeze crystallization plants. A correct solid-to-liquid ratio has to be ensured when pressing is used as a post-treatment. Thus, the dependence of the overall plant design on the achieved ice quality but also on different hydraulic and thermodynamic numbers is...

Characterization of volatile metabolites formed by molds on barley by mass and ion mobility spectrometry

Erler, Alexander ; Riebe, Daniel ; Beitz, Toralf ; Löhmannsröben, Hans‐Gerd ; Grothusheitkamp, Daniela ; Kunz, Thomas ; Methner, Frank‐Jürgen (2020-03-04)

The contamination of barley by molds on the field or in storage leads to the spoilage of grain and the production of mycotoxins, which causes major economic losses in malting facilities and breweries. Therefore, on‐site detection of hidden fungus contaminations in grain storages based on the detection of volatile marker compounds is of high interest. In this work, the volatile metabolites of 10...

Feasibility Study for a Chemical Process Particle Size Characterization System for Explosive Environments Using Low Laser Power

Ross-Jones, Jesse ; Teumer, Tobias ; Wunsch, Susann ; Petri, Lukas ; Nirschl, Hermann ; Krause, Mathias J. ; Methner, Frank-Jürgen ; Rädle, Matthias (2020-09-30)

The industrial particle sensor market lacks simple, easy to use, low cost yet robust, safe and fast response solutions. Towards development of such a sensor, for in-line use in micro channels under continuous flow conditions, this work introduces static light scattering (SLS) determination of particle diameter using a laser with an emission power of less than 5 µW together with sensitive detect...

Spent Yeast from Brewing Processes: A Biodiverse Starting Material for Yeast Extract Production

Jacob, Friedrich Felix ; Striegel, Lisa ; Rychlik, Michael ; Hutzler, Mathias ; Methner, Frank-Jürgen (2019-06-24)

Spent yeast from beer manufacturing is a cost-effective and nutrient-rich starting material for the production of yeast extracts. In this study, it is shown how physiologically important ingredients in a yeast extract are influenced by the composition of the spent yeast from the brewing process. In pilot fermentations, the time of cropping (primary fermentation, lagering) of the spent yeast and...

Comparison of Raman and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Real-Time Monitoring of Yeast Fermentations: A Proof-of-Concept for Multi-Channel Photometric Sensors

Schalk, Robert ; Heintz, Annabell ; Braun, Frank ; Iacono, Giuseppe ; Rädle, Matthias ; Gretz, Norbert ; Methner, Frank-Jürgen ; Beuermann, Thomas (2019-06-17)

Raman and mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy are useful tools for the specific detection of molecules, since both methods are based on the excitation of fundamental vibration modes. In this study, Raman and MIR spectroscopy were applied simultaneously during aerobic yeast fermentations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Based on the recorded Raman intensities and MIR absorption spectra, respectively, te...

The Importance of a Comparative Characterization of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Saccharomyces Pastorianus Strains for Brewing

Meier-Dörnberg, Tim ; Hutzler, Mathias ; Michel, Maximilian ; Methner, Frank-Jürgen ; Jacob, Fritz (2017-08-21)

The volume and market share loss for classical beer types such as pils beer and wheat beer has been declining for several years, but the overall beer market remains almost unchanged as a result of the increasing interest in beer specialties Due to high biodiversity, the diversity of the strains, and the different flavor profiles, reliable and practical information regarding the characteristics ...