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Main Title: Lighting Professionals versus Light Pollution Experts? Investigating Views on an Emerging Environmental Concern
Author(s): Schulte-Römer, Nona
Meier, Josiane
Dannemann, Etta
Söding, Max
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: Concerns about the potential negative effects of artificial light at night on humans, flora and fauna, were originally raised by astronomers and environmentalists. Yet, we observe a growing interest in what is called light pollution among the general public and in the lighting field. Although lighting professionals are often critical of calling light ‘pollution’, they increasingly acknowledge the problem and are beginning to act accordingly. Are those who illuminate joining forces with those who take a critical stance towards artificial light at night? We explore this question in more detail based on the results of a non-representative worldwide expert survey. In our analysis, we distinguish between “lighting professionals” with occupational backgrounds linked to lighting design and the lighting industry, and “light pollution experts” with mostly astronomy- and environment-related professional backgrounds, and explore their opposing and shared views vis-à-vis issues of light pollution. Our analysis reveals that despite seemingly conflicting interests, lighting professionals and light pollution experts largely agree on the problem definition and problem-solving approaches. However, we see diverging views regarding potential obstacles to light pollution mitigation and associated governance challenges.
Issue Date: 21-Mar-2019
Date Available: 20-Aug-2019
DDC Class: 535 Licht, Infrarot- und Ultraviolettphänomene
Subject(s): light pollution
sustainable lighting
light planning
expert survey
Journal Title: Sustainability
Publisher: MDPI
Publisher Place: Basel
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Article Number: 1696
Publisher DOI: 10.3390/su11061696
EISSN: 2071-1050
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