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Exergetic and Economic Evaluation of a Transcritical Heat-Driven Compression Refrigeration System with CO2 as the Working Fluid under Hot Climatic Conditions

Luo, Jing ; Morosuk, Tatiana ; Tsatsaronis, George ; Tashtoush, Bourhan (2019-11-28)

The purpose of this research is to evaluate a transcritical heat-driven compression refrigeration machine with CO2 as the working fluid from thermodynamic and economic viewpoints. Particular attention was paid to air-conditioning applications under hot climatic conditions. The system was simulated by Aspen HYSYS® (AspenTech, Bedford, MA, USA) and optimized by automation based on a genetic algor...

Cryogenic energy storage systems

Hamdy, Sarah (2019)

Grid-scale energy storage systems are capable of providing the needed flexibility to the power grid operators in order to ensure a secure power supply with increasing shares of highly intermittent electricity generation from renewable energy sources. Cryogenic energy storage (CES) is a grid-scale energy storage concept in which electricity is stored in the form of liquefied gas enabling a remar...

Model-Based Cost Optimization of Double-Effect Water-Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration Systems

Mussati, Sergio F. ; Mansouri, Seyed Soheil ; Gernaey, Krist V. ; Morosuk, Tatiana ; Mussati, Miguel C. (2019-01-19)

This work presents optimization results obtained for a double-effect H2O-LiBr absorption refrigeration system considering the total cost as minimization criterion, for a wide range of cooling capacity values. As a model result, the sizes of the process units and the corresponding operating conditions are obtained simultaneously. In this paper, the effectiveness factor of each proposed heat exch...