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Mechanical Properties Characterization of Welded Automotive Steels

Javaheri, Ehsan ; Lubritz, Janot ; Graf, Benjamin ; Rethmeier, Michael (2019-12-18)

Among the various welding technologies, resistance spot welding (RSW) and laser beam welding (LBW) play a significant role as joining methods for the automobile industry. The application of RSW and LBW for the automotive body alters the microstructure in the welded areas. It is necessary to identify the mechanical properties of the welded material to be able to make a reliable statement about t...

Laser Welding of SLM-Manufactured Tubes Made of IN625 and IN718

Jokisch, Torsten ; Marko, Angelina ; Gook, Sergej ; Üstündag, Ömer ; Gumenyuk, Andrey ; Rethmeier, Michael (2019-09-12)

The advantage of selective laser melting (SLM) is its high accuracy and geometrical flexibility. Because the maximum size of the components is limited by the process chamber, possibilities must be found to combine several parts manufactured by SLM. An application where this is necessary, is, for example, the components of gas turbines, such as burners or oil return pipes, and inserts, which can...

Numerical Simulation on the Origin of Solidification Cracking in Laser Welded Thick-Walled Structures

Bakir, Nasim ; Artinov, Antoni ; Gumenyuk, Andrey ; Bachmann, Marcel ; Rethmeier, Michael (2018-06-01)

One of the main factors affecting the use of lasers in the industry for welding thick structures is the process accompanying solidification cracks. These cracks mostly occurring along the welding direction in the welding center, and strongly affect the safety of the welded components. In the present study, to obtain a better understanding of the relation between the weld pool geometry, the stre...

Improvement of Filler Wire Dilution Using External Oscillating Magnetic Field at Full Penetration Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding of Thick Materials

Üstündağ, Ömer ; Avilov, Vjaceslav ; Gumenyuk, Andrey ; Rethmeier, Michael (2019-05-23)

Hybrid laser-arc welding offers many advantages, such as deep penetration, good gap bridge-ability, and low distortion due to reduced heat input. The filler wire which is supplied to the process is used to influence the microstructure and mechanical properties of the weld seam. A typical problem in deep penetration high-power laser beam welding with filler wire and hybrid laser-arc welding is a...