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Design of a Fluidic Actuator with Independent Frequency and Amplitude Modulation for Control of Swirl Flame Dynamics

Adhikari, Amrit ; Schweitzer, Thorge ; Lückoff, Finn ; Oberleithner, Kilian (2021-03-20)

Fluidic actuators are designed to control the oscillatory helical mode, called a precessing vortex core (PVC), which is often observed in gas turbine combustors. The PVC induces large-scale hydrodynamic coherent structures, which can considerably affect flow and flame dynamics. Therefore, appropriate control of this structure can lead to a more stable and efficient combustion process. Currently...

Excitation of the precessing vortex core by active flow control to suppress thermoacoustic instabilities in swirl flames

Lückoff, Finn ; Oberleithner, Kilian (2019-07-04)

In this study, we apply periodic flow excitation of the precessing vortex core at the centerbody of a swirl-stabilized combustor to investigate the impact of the precessing vortex core on flame shape, flame dynamics, and especially thermoacoustic instabilities. The current control scheme is based on results from linear stability theory that determine the precessing vortex core as a global hydro...