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Exploiting SAR Tomography for Supervised Land-Cover Classification

D’Hondt, Olivier ; Hänsch, Ronny ; Wagener, Nicolas ; Hellwich, Olaf (2018-11-05)

In this paper, we provide the first in-depth evaluation of exploiting Tomographic Synthetic Aperture Radar (TomoSAR) for the task of supervised land-cover classification. Our main contribution is the design of specific TomoSAR features to reach this objective. In particular, we show that classification based on TomoSAR significantly outperforms PolSAR data provided relevant features are extract...

Classification of PolSAR Images by Stacked Random Forests

Hänsch, Ronny ; Hellwich, Olaf (2018-02-23)

This paper proposes the use of Stacked Random Forests (SRF) for the classification of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar images. SRF apply several Random Forest instances in a sequence where each individual uses the class estimate of its predecessor as an additional feature. To this aim, the internal node tests are designed to work not only directly on the complex-valued image data, but also...