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Factors controlling the formation and occurrence of petroleum in Norwegian petroleum systems, as revealed by considerations of chemical and isotopic compositions

Murillo Hernandez, Wendy (2021)

Establishing genetic correlations between oils and between oils and their source rocks is especially difficult in basins with multiple source rocks where oil mixing has occurred. It is therefore of paramount importance to employ multiparameter approaches based on a combination of source-related molecular markers across different fractions of oils and source rock extracts in order to perform mea...

Products of Hexavalent Chromium Reduction by Green Rust Sodium Sulfate and Associated Reaction Mechanisms

Thomas, Andrew N. ; Eiche, Elisabeth ; Göttlicher, Jörg ; Steininger, Ralph ; Benning, Liane G. ; Freeman, Helen M. ; Dideriksen, Knud ; Neumann, Thomas (2018-10-29)

The efficacy of in vitro Cr(VI) reduction by green rust sulfate suggests that this mineral is potentially useful for remediation of Cr-contaminated groundwater. Previous investigations studied this reaction but did not sufficiently characterize the intermediates and end products at chromate (CrO42−) concentrations typical of contaminant plumes, hindering identification of the dominant reaction ...