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Development of a Mobile Pilot Plant for the Evaluation of Novel Scrubbing Liquids for the Absorption of CO2 From Industrial Gases

Wilhelm, Robert; Esche, Erik; Wozny, Günter; Repke, Jens-Uwe; Guetta, Zion; Thielert, Holger

Most available scrubbing liquids suffer from either high heating duties for the regeneration or vulnerability towards gas components. In order to increase the efficiency of the absorption process a novel scrubbing liquid has been developed by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG. For verifying relevance and feasibility of long-term operation of the new fluid assumptions for installation were created – conceptual design and detailed simulation of the process without detailed thermodynamic information.
Published in: Technical Transactions = Czasopismo techniczne, 10.4467/2353737XCT.16.024.4988, Politechnika Krakowska